The Challenge Week 6- When In France

1-cor-challenge I am just going to confess that I did not do well on last weeks challenge. The hubby and I were both exhausted all week last week and sex just went on the back burner. The reason I state this fact, which clearly falls under the “too much information” category, is to remind you that we all have times where we just aren’t up to the challenge, but we should just press on and not get discouraged. I almost but something about getting back on the horse, but that seemed in poor taste. This week’s challenge is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to get started on it….as soon as my hubby gets over the plague.

Remember back when you were dating your hubby and that firework sensation that came from a really good kiss? How come those “feel it all the way in your toes” kisses are far and few between once you’ve been married a while? I told one of my single friends once that once you get married you just kind of stop making out. She almost started to cry. Cause who wouldn’t want a good make out session?

Instead, it sometimes feels like “oh, you’re kissing me with tongue, that must mean you want sex.” What if you sprung one of those kisses on your hubby when it couldn’t be followed up upon? Now, I am not talking about some sort of teasing torture. That would be wrong (fun, but wrong). I’m saying maybe when he comes home and the kids aren’t paying much attention (lest you scar them for life), you plant a big one on him. Then smile slyly and move along. Build some anticipation that was so prevalent when dating. Then later, have a little make out session before getting down to business. Pretend for a moment the inevitable…isn’t inevitable.


  1. This is very excellent advice, and honestly, I started incorporating this in our marriage about a yr ago and it works great. It puts that little spark back without any “this minute” expectations, but …well…let me put it this way…men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots…so that spontaneous kiss in the kitchen while the kids are sitting at the table waiting for the food to come can start that crock pot….

  2. I LOVE this. Love.it. And I also love Mrs. Naz’s comment. So true! I’m sure my husband will be surprised when I plant a big one on him.

    Esthers last blog post..This Week’s Top Posts

  3. Sara@iSass says:

    Good call.
    I can totally handle this.
    PS last week I failed miserably. No shame though…I can make it up this week.

  4. Last week was a total failure here too. We spent most of the week sick with one thing or another. Being sick does not lead to sex :( This week is a new week! I did get some really sexy bras and panties that he loved ;)

    Anns last blog post..Ears and Shoulders

  5. I failed miserably last week too. Chalk it up to exhaustion. We would both fall asleep before anything could be acted on…lol! Ah the joys of being parents!

    This is one thing I do often. Only I do it to tease him…lol. I do make good on the “offer” later though :)

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Powerful Words

  6. We totally had a make-out session last night. I have to say that it didn’t even go further than that…at my husband’s request no less. We just made out for the sake of making out!

    Totally brings back the dating memories :)

    Beth@Not a Bow in Sights last blog post..The VCR is Kaput!

  7. ruth a. stiles says:

    why is it that we lose that romance? Our hubby’s would all love if we made an effort to appreciate his kisses!

    ruth a. stiless last blog post..The challenge

  8. I’ve been doing great every week. But I think I might fail at this one. Here’s why. My husband dips snuff. Ooooh, gross! Guess I could stalk him and see when he takes his snuff out.

    Shelleys last blog post..Recipe R&R – Jenny’s Cooking’s Texas Chicken Quesadillas

  9. Funsies. ;)

    Lois Lane IIs last blog post..SOAP No. 19: Repentance is actually good

  10. This is sooo fun…I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! I love especially the bit about pretending that the inevitable isn’t! HA!

    Bobbis last blog post..Memory Monday…More time on Isaiah…

  11. Diamonddust says:

    Quick trick for help on this one, hold your kiss for 8 seconds! You will be surprised at the result that gets for you,the crockpot AND the resulting puzzled look of surpise on the microwaves face! Works great when nothing else can happen at the time!

  12. That is funny and all too true. I did the SWAK Carnival challenge in honor of Valentines’ and it was so fun just to watch his face when I would “really” give him a kiss….never mind his reaction to the Cor challenge, lol, hubba hubba! (did I really just do that?)
    Hey, I’d love to invite everyone over to the IE Mommy for a really cool keepsake plate giveaway!

    IE Mommys last blog post..Ah-ha Uses for Beauty Products

  13. “back on the horse” SNORT! Hubby won’t know what hit him!

  14. I love kissing…so this is great! My husband laid one on me the other day–which made me all weak in the knees. He was pretty proud of himself:) So, I’m good for the challenge…this time it is my turn!

    Dawns last blog post..Help To Make A Difference

  15. I love this one…hubby actually has always insisted on at least one, nice, long kiss a day. I love kissing my husband!

  16. I’m in! My guy is actually better at this than I. Could it be I’ve fallen into that “let’s get this over with trap?” Need to get that crockpot started…

  17. Ok I totally did this today. We were in the mall and he gave me a little kiss and I took the opportunity to slip in a little tongue. OH MY GOSH! It drove him crazy and me too. We couldn’t wait to get home and put the kids to bed. It was great!

  18. My parents used to do this :)
    That didn’t come out quite right – by used to I mean that far as I know they still do but I’ve gotten married since then so I don’t see it any more :D
    Anyways, partly due to Momma’s example and partly due to my own inclination, I usually kiss hubby pretty big when he comes home.

  19. Ok, I was a little leary of the title. I thought I’d be challenged to shave in places that haven’t ever been shaved. ;) This is a great Challenge and our group is having a lot of fun following along. Here are some of the questions I asked them last week to see how they were doing with all of this fun:

    1. Have you pounced your husband yet?
    2. Have you turned the light on and enjoyed seeing your husband when you’re with him?
    3. Did you find some cute fundies and get rid of the grundies?
    4. Is your room still picked up and a haven for you and your husband?
    5. Are you keeping a positive servant attitude through this process?
    6. Are you remembering to pray for your heart during this time and for your husband’s heart as well?

    It’s been great being really honest with each other through this process. Thanks again!

  20. i’ll try, but with the hubs usually it is “inevitable”

    but i’ll be firm that i want to make out first! :)

    Brookes last blog post..Mr. Right and I become an official couple

  21. It’s say to say that I’ve gotten out of the practice of kissing really good – excuses of kids, laundry, etc… just excuses, but not good ones. Hubby still doesn’t know that I’m doing this challenge, but it sure has made an impact on him! He LOVES it! He sure surprised me for Valentines and is even talking about a weekend away… Love it! Looking forward to building on the challenge and pressing on! I loved Jessica’s list – especially #6.

    Lynnets last blog post..Friday Fill-In

  22. I’m just finding this and reading the previous weeks, man! I think I will try to catch up in a week, hubby won’t know what hit him, lol.

    Hi! It’s me, Jens last blog post..Morning Devotions

  23. Glad to say that, even after twelve years of marriage, The Calm One and I have this one down pat. And I love seeing his reaction when I initiate it. “Fun” doesn’t quite describe it!

    jubilees last blog post..Wild Card Tour – Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

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