The Challenge Week 4- Shock And Awe

1-cor-challenge I am lovin’ your enthusiasm with this Challenge ladies!! And apparently a lot of you like some nookie withe the lights on. Good for you and your uninhibited selves. This week I have one more way for you to participate in The Challenge. One of my readers is conducting some research on our very subject. It is confidential and very tasteful. If you are able and willing to help her out, please log into Yahoo with the email songofsolomon11 and the password a1s2d3 and download the survey. After you have completed the survey, you can email it back to songofsolomon11@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your help.

I don’t know if you have told your hubby about the challenge or not. Maybe he hasn’t noticed suddenly the bedroom has been rearranged. I hope he noticed the new undergarments (if not, you probably need to think sexier). But if he hasn’t noticed yet, I hope he notices this week. This week’s challenge is all about the element of surprise. So hubbies, avert your eyes.

If your sex life is like most housewives I talk to, evenings look like this: Do some cleaning up, organizing, miscellaneous things you couldn’t accomplish with kids around. Watch a little TV, surf the internet. Finally get to bed about 1/2 hour past exhausted. Head hits the pillow only to feel a little tap on the shoulder (or worse). You roll over and groan as you see “the look” in his eyes. The words, “I’m so tired” or “It’s so late” or even “You must be kidding me?” might be uttered. Sound familiar?

How about instead of the above scenario, you take command of the evening. Put the kids to bed and tell the hubby you need him to come do some made up chore in the bedroom (hang curtains, fix the dresser knob, fold socks, whatever). When he enters, you pounce. Hubbies get really tired of asking and getting shot down. It is a serious blow to his self esteem and self worth. So, this week, you initiate. He may fall over from the surprise, but then you will have him on his back, right where you want him. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Check back next Monday for your weekly challenge. Are you in?


  1. oh please DD!

    i win this one…hands down :) LOL

    lisas last blog post..StudioJewel True Love Waits or Purity Bracelet

  2. Hmmm…

    I know we’re not the only ones out there with role reversal goin’ on. So what would you suggest for couples where the wife does all the asking and the hubby does all the shutting down?

    I’m just really not sure what to do with this challenge, it seems to really not fit how our relationship works.

    MommyAmys last blog post..My First Month of Blogging

  3. Deborah says:

    I logged in to Yahoo and used the right name and password, but found no survey. Is it still open? I would like to participate. Feel free to email it to me.

    I am the one who initiates more in my house. I would be the one to fall down in shock if my husband initiated.

    Deborahs last blog post..Miley Cyrus Tweets Me

  4. Kristen says:

    Today is our one year anniversary, so I am going to use this challenge today! Can’t wait to shock my one year husband into bliss. : )

    Kristens last blog post..For One Year

  5. Hey…my husband spent over 20 years living in Texas. I call him my cowboy. So…I tell him (with a glint in my eye) “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” Yehaw! Me initiating is NOT a problem in our house.

    Dawns last blog post..Frugal Cooking

  6. that won’t be tonight (free red box code + new chuck + new heroes)

    but i’ll try it tomorrow.

    Brookes last blog post..Menu Plan Monday: The Sore Loser Edition

  7. Sara@iSass says:

    You kow what’s funny about this weeks challenge? In our house this is backwards! It’s ME always asking for a little somin’ somin’. I would LOVE to be asked to hang some curtains!! ha ha ha

  8. The first thing I thought of this Monday morning was not the mountainous pile of laundry nor this week’s long To Do list, but OOOOHHH–new challenge post! This is a lot of fun and my hubby is a very happy man!

    Amys last blog post..Yes, I Have My Hands Full, Thank You

  9. I haven’t told my husband about The Challenge…but he is certainly feeling its effects..lol! This is a really fun way to keep my love life in the forefront of my mind all week long. I can’t wait to get up on Mondays and see what the next week’s challenge brings!

    Thanks for helping me to bring some spark and sizzle back into our marriage :)

    Oh, and I think I did Shock and Awe last week…lol…we broke our lovemaking record for the week *grin*

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Crime and Punishment

  10. I have been pregnant 3 full times in our 4 years of marriage and that always makes me the one to say.. but I’m too tired lol. Then there’s that point after baby is born where it just hits me and well that’s kind of been me for the most part the last two months (dc#3 is 5mo) and now the roles flip flop lol. I did go get me some pretty undies but did not like them.. he likes the boy shorts.. maybe I should get him to pick out something. He makes the bed most mornings now!

    Candices last blog post..Birthdays

  11. That’s funny, “blow” to his self esteem.

    Olivias last blog post..Its Been A While

  12. Christin says:

    Oh I am all over this! The “tired” scenerio happens all too often. I need to take control of the evenings more, for sure. And not just once a week! Thank you for all the creativity!

    Christins last blog post..Motivate Me Monday – Um, Motivation Please?!

  13. One step ahead of you! I pounced on hubby last night. He’ll be walking around with a silly grin all day today. ;-)

  14. A great title for a great post!

    debbies last blog post..Probing my inner soul

  15. I LOVE Shock & Awe… (rubbing hands together gleefully) I am going to plan a great “reveal” for this weekend (the new underthings, soft lights, surprise attack)- surprise him before Valentines Day. FANTASTIC!!!

    Debbies last blog post..At the Well

  16. oh – I can’t wait! I love pouncing on hubby and making the first move!

    Bries last blog post..A Lovely Day…

  17. Being tired always seems to be an excuse for me…but let’s face it- when is that going to change with three kids under six years old :)

    He won’t know what hit him.

  18. heeheehe. I love it. working on the master plan now. it might involve spy equipment…

    lauras last blog post..Seeing

  19. hehehehe…gonna be lots of surprised guys out there tonight, including mine! :-)

    Esthers last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  20. I think I’m one step ahead on this challenge. I accomplished this one last week. But, I’m sure my hubby wouldn’t mind if I initiated again this week!

    Jenns last blog post..At The Well- The Heart of Titus 2

  21. Ahhhh….I was already all over this challenge! Though he still acts shocked when I pull this move after 15 (almost!) years. Great advice and your blog is so cute! Can’t wait to meet you and all the others at Blissdom!

    The Stiletto Moms last blog post..This Cannot Be A Good Sign

  22. I’m doing it. He is definitely the one who typically initiates and gets shot down. I’m going to take command this week :)

    Playful Professionals last blog post..Super Bowl Snacks

  23. Oh, boy! This hasn’t happened in our house in…ahem…too long! Shock will probably be an understatement!

    I tried logging in to the survey and it said invalid user name or password. Is it still open?

    Nancys last blog post..Brenham’s Hat Project

  24. I was surprised to see how many other wives deal with the “too tired” hubby. He’s the one wanting to watch TV until waaay past bedtime & 95% of the initiation is already done by moi. How can this issue be addressed?

    Pattis last blog post..Time to Regulate the Trees

  25. okay, i am sooo guilty of being too tired. i try to avoid the situation lol. But not tonight!!! i am getting the kids to bed early, having a nice bath but come nice underware on and take action for once!!

    Kats last blog post..MORE SNOW!!

  26. I must say that we’ve broken a few records in our marriage these last few weeks as well, and we’ve been married for 18.5 years! Hubby is grinning more, wearing his silkies (we’d forgotten about them) and even been doing more stuff around the house. He’s loved the cleaning going on in the bedroom, loves the lighting changes, and has even requested the chocolate syrup! LOL! He has a white dress shirt that looks great on him, but he loved it when I wore it over some of the new undies that you challenged us to get! He gets a gleam in his eye when he sees it! Thanks for the boost and challenges!

    Lynnets last blog post..I married Al Borland

  27. ruth a. stiles says:

    my husband is in the dark when it comes to me and this little meme! heehee…but he has commented on the “tidier and less messy” bedroom. He noticed the newer( yet still comfy in my mind) undergarments. and he was quite surprised with the candlelight….this past year I have been working on being more willing and even more initiating…so a few times a week after I put the kids to bed…i whistle down and then surprise him under the covers…..

    ruth a. stiless last blog post..sausage bread

  28. welp, just got that one out of the way ;)

    jens last blog post..randomness.

  29. These comments are cracking me up! It’s ALWAYS a surprise for my husband! :-)

  30. Shocking and awesome… good idea – but I had beat you to the punch.


    I’m a Believer!

    Lauras last blog post..Daughters…

  31. He will definately be shocked on this one…he is the one ALWAYS initiating it…..He is out of town but will be back late tonight/ tomorrow I will work on this for tomorrow night.
    Bedroom – getting there
    Underwear – check
    make love with the lights on – its the norm- so check
    Me initiating….tomorrow?

    Missys last blog post..My Journey

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