The Challenge Week 20- The Grand Finale!!

1-cor-challenge *I am so sad The Challenge is coming to an end, but frankly, I am pretty much out of creative ideas and this pregnancy is making my ability to participate pretty pathetic. I hope you are still playing along. I have been overwhelmed with how much you have all promoted it and your constant comments and funny stories. Hopefully there are some marriages that are better and bedrooms that are a lot happier (and cleaner) than 20 weeks ago. I have been blessed by all of you.

You know how at the end of the fireworks they just let off a bunch of them at the same time for a fantastic, crazy ending. Well, my friends “The Challenge” is coming to an end. I must admit I am a little sad to see it go. But frankly, there is only so many ideas to spice up your sex life I can put out there before crossing the line of good taste (which possibly I crossed weeks ago). I floated an idea past the hubby last week and his eyes bugged out of his head as he said, “You are not seriously going to post about THAT are you?” In retrospect, considering his mother and my mother read along…good point.

So anyway, I figured we should go out with a bang (insert inappropriate giggle here). So for your final week’s challenge, how’s about a full week of sex. Not like all 24 hours, 7 days, cause your kids would start get bored with TV and miss you (maybe). But every night how bout you be the one givin’ your hubby “the look.” By night 3, he will be completely confused and bewildered as to what has happened to his woman (this might happen on night 1). By night 7 he will be so happy, there might be diamonds involved.

Now this is a surprise for the hubby. No going in later tonight and saying, “That crazy woman over at the Diaper Diaries says we have to have sex everyday this week so let’s get to it.” Just spring it on him every night and see what happens. Now, if you want to be really freakin’ crazy, you can take this challenge. Everyone and their dog, emailed me about this challenge, so I only thought it fitting that I passed it on. Let me know if you are!

I would love to know in the comments or over email how you did with “The Challenge” and if it helped you in any way. I am frankly going to start right over at the beginning cause even I wasn’t always so great at participating. If you didn’t do so hot either, don’t beat yourself up about it, just start over at the top again. This is definitely not something you work on for a few months and then you are good. This is a “til death do us part” kind of thing. Or at least a “til’ I’m too old to function” kind of thing.

Let the fireworks begin!!!


  1. I’ve missed this series (bummer!!!) but will have to go back and read the archives. A couple of us have started a team blog on our sexuality as Christian women…maybe we can pick up where you left off :) Thanks for addressing this important topic.

    Stonefoxs last blog post..People Worship

  2. abba12 says:

    My fiance and I aren’t due to be married until August 8th. but I’ve been reading along with the challenge, so I have some good ideas for when the time comes :D

    abba12s last blog post..Rosetta Stone Latin

  3. I like the IDEA of doing this… but it ain’t happening. I hit a point about 6 or 7 months in my last pregnancy where I was kind of randy for a week (seriously, we took a “staycation” because of it) so I’m thinking I might wait for that urge to hit before I try this out.

    Just. So. tired.

    Erin Gs last blog post..Going to a Birthday Party !

  4. not sure it’ll happen but i’ll have fun trying!! :)

    Brookes last blog post..Hey yo…time for a little survey

  5. maybe :) Sounds like fun; we’ve done it before.
    But sometimes it’s hard to be as frequent as before.
    I think that so many of us got pregnant during the challenge that we’re having trouble keeping up with the challenges now :). Growing babies put stress on the pelvic area, if that’s not TMI.

    Another idea to make a week (even if we can’t do each day) more fun – try a different position each day :P

    Lanas last blog post..Can you believe it?

  6. Dice! This is the toughy. I have no excuses (pregnancy, not married) so I’m really going to have to think about myself as one hot mama all day to get myself in the mood. Well, here it goes. Yikes!

    PS. If the doors are locked, don’t ring the bell, just walk away and come back next week. ;)

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