The Challenge Week 2- Mama Needs A New Pair Of Panties

1-cor-challenge  This little Challenge keeps growing and growing. Thanks so much to all of you who have helped promote it. Keep it up. It is never too late to join in and I am really moved by how many women are honestly admitting their need for a little push in this area. This week is a favorite of mine. And I have gotten a few ideas from some readers that I am adding in since the first time I posted. Are ya ready?

If you are new to The Challenge start here first.

OK ladies, lets talk undergarments. Was the last time your panties had elastic in the Clinton administration? Is your underwear hitting somewhere around your bellybutton?

Perhaps it’s time to overhaul your underwear drawer. Baby steps. I am not talking about plunking down $500 at Victoria’s Secret for a bunch of lingerie. I am just talking about a few new pairs of panties. BTW- Vicky’s secret? She has no cellulite or stretch marks from having babies. Let’s not be intimidated by her standard.

I firmly believe it is difficult to feel sexy in “grannie” panties. And I am nearly positive it is hard for your hubby to find you sexy in them. First, let’s just dispel the myth that sexy panties=thong. I know some women swear by their comfort, but I personally don’t enjoy flossing my behind. Sexy simply means something you feel sexy in. So go buy yourself 5 new pairs of pretty panties. They don’t have to be pricey, just pretty.

There is a catch. You must go through your drawer and rid yourself of any pair of underwear that is in the “definitely un-sexy” category. I know all the excuses for hanging onto them. Pregnancy, your faithful monthly visitor, working out. The problem is that often they make their way back into the regular rotation when we get behind in the laundry. If you insist on hanging onto them, get them out of your regular drawer so you won’t be tempted to pull them out during a bad laundry week. Again, no excuses ladies. Get rid of them.

Have fun. To really have fun, let the hubby help pick them out. To really, really have fun, do as one of my readers did. Call your hubby at work, tell him you have thrown out all your panties and that you will be home panti-less until he brings you home some. And then pray like a bandit that he doesn’t get in an accident on the way home. For extra credit this week, buy a matching bra. Every woman should have one bra and panty ensemble. Cause sometimes, just feeling sexy is half the battle.

So what do you think? Are you in?


  1. oh just got a bunch of new panties :) and already threw out all my granny panties.. :) I am on a roll….


    Kelly Dawns last blog post..kadie going blonde

  2. Excellent advice. I can do this part better than cleaning the bedroom which I am not quite done with yet! Just being honest here.

    debbies last blog post..The Life Accomplishment List done my way

  3. I totally do that! keep my crap panties in another drawer, I mean.

    new panties are not in the budget this month (even cheap ones, unless I buy them at walmart and merge them with the grocery budget… yeah… no.)… but I do have some really cute and fun ones that I haven’t worn in a while, so I think I will use this week’s challenge to resurrect some of those options.

    don’t feel bad, debbie, I haven’t cleaned the bedroom either. hubby didn’t seem to mind. ;-)

    Erin Gs last blog post..Another Puppy Post

  4. I am so on it! I need to do this.

    PS Hubs cleaned the ENTIRE bedroom :)

    Janets last blog post..Hummmm…..

  5. Stephanie says:

    i’m in!

    now i just need to use that ab machine that’s sitting in my living room in the box…

    Stephanies last blog post..crushin’

  6. Well, unfortunately, I am with Erin G. this month. Unless I steal more from the grocery budget (which is already dwindling) I can’t afford anything NEW right now, even though I desperately need a new bra. I will do as she suggested though & break out my lingerie & some of my “fun” panties for DH.

    Stephanies last blog post..20 Tips for getting in your water

  7. I already wear Victoria Secrets undies..bikini…is that good? That is all I wear.

    He & Me + 3s last blog post..Not Me Monday!

  8. Oh how I miss my matching ensembles! :-) I tell you what, I’m fairly certain that will be my first purchase once this baby comes out! Cause now – the ba-donk-a-donk is a growing (among other things!)and I don’t need weird fittin’ panties later. Come to think of it, anyone know a place to buy some pretty nursing bras? Ones that don’t look like they’re covering your girls better than fort knox? :-)

    Donielle @ Raising Peanutss last blog post..Hike up them drawers!

  9. I’m with Erin G – we’re living on a layoff budget so unless the kids go without milk and such, no trips to the store. LOL

    But, the whole “going without” idea…now THERE’S a thought DaHubby might support! *snort*

    And, about last week’s challenge…DaHubs beat me to it! LOL Walked into the bedrm one night to find all of his clothes picked up/put away and candles burning! *big smile*

  10. Hilarious! My drawer is pretty well stocked with the pretties, but I loved reading this – your writing cracks me up.

    Jenn in Mos last blog post..Books *EDITED*

  11. Awesome! I’m doing this today!! I get a reason to shop that I know my hubby will love.

    Joanns last blog post..Married Ladies.. Join me.

  12. I did this a few months ago and it was such a great feeling! probably wouldn’t hurt to add another few cute pairs! great encouragement!

    jodis last blog post..What’s a girl to do?

  13. Yep. Convicted. DARN YOU. ;)

    Megan (FriedOkra)s last blog post..Peabody and Me

  14. I threw out all the old last month and bought 20 pairs of my hubby’s favorite style. Only problem? They are ALL Christmas panties b/c they were 75% off! Perhaps I need to go shopping again.

    We are THAT familys last blog post..The Coffee Club {Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You}

  15. Blue Castle says:

    I’m still working on my bedroom, but I think I can do this too. :) If granny panties are a bright pink, does that still mean they’re not “sexy”? :)

    Blue Castles last blog post..From His Perspective

  16. Mom of One says:

    My hubby has been buying me panties for a few years now, usually at my birthday or christmas. He gets the victoria secrets pink brand which I love, comfy and cute. I have defenently been thinking about getting some nicer lingerie though so I am in.

    Mom of Ones last blog post..Best Giveaway Yet – I HearSafe Headphones

  17. I am so in! I just bought myself a new “animal print” bra and panties. Fun and sexy!

    Dawns last blog post..Santa Claus Dinged My Car

  18. That suggestion about the husband is hilarious! I love it!

    Lois Lane IIs last blog post..Good thing it’s Friday…

  19. Ooooh…I’m looking forward to this one! Even though I’m not much of a shopper, I know I’ll enjoy looking for and picking out some new, pretty undies!

    Malias last blog post..My favorite biscuits

  20. Rachel says:

    OK, I still have my old ones *hangs head in shame* but they are in a separate drawer and only come out when I’m exercising (come on, I’m not sweating or doing yoga in the fancy panties) or during that time of the month. I did got to JCP right after Thanksgiving when they were having their semi-annual lingerie sale and got a ton of the Ambrielle lace tanga panties for cheap (I’m with you on the butt-floss – NO THANKS!). My hubby loves them, and I surprisingly don’t hate them, so it’s all good.

    Rachels last blog post..Perspective.

  21. I just want to tell you that this site has sparked flames into the women of our church. I found this blog and immediately looked up 1 Cor 7:5 because of the button you have on your blog. After reading it, boy was I curious. I’ve written to you before, but our former “young marrieds” small group has started a private blog using your Challenge. Out of 6 couples, only two of us still live in the same town so it’s been a great way to reconnect and to encourage reconnection with our husbands. Anyway, the other wife that lives in town with me told her current small group about the Challenge and they started it up too! Taking us from 6 wives, to 12. This friend was “caught” walking out of Victoria’s Secret by a couple from our church who works with Navigators. She said she felt SO embarrassed and told them it was something they were doing for their small group but not to tell her husband. This started an interest in this couple and I emailed them the link to your Challenge and she will be talking to her small group about joining in the fun! So from 6 wives, to 12 wives to 17 wives! And the results have been amazing so far. Out of the original 6 wives three of the husbands have started making the bed daily because the bedroom is actually picked up! Thanks so much for planning all of this (or for your past planning)!! I’ll let you know how the group is growing within our church! It’s just so fun to see women serving their husbands in this way!!


    Jessicas last blog post..Date Night

  22. Tracy says:

    I bought some pretty panties this summer – but was embarassed to put them on for my husband (they didn’t seem so pretty once they were on me!)but out of necessity I wore them and he seen them and he LOVED them especially with me in them!

    Go for it ladies,

  23. Deanna says:

    I’m still in!!!!….. even tho I am laughing!!!!! thanks to you,,,,, I am going to buy myself 5 new things today!

    I love you for doing this challenge, Lord knows I need it!
    I’d love for you peek at my post, if ya get a chance!

    God bless to you and yours!

    Deannas last blog post..Alright, I’m still in, tho I am laughing…

  24. Jill, YOU are amazing. And you are helping to change people’s lives for the better. Oh, and I just got a bunch of new panties for Christmas! SHAZAM!

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..When Savings Lead to Giving

  25. Not too long ago. I did just that. Stopped wearing the big ones and then the Lord blessed me with a whole set of those sexy ones that I wanted. So these days, either I’m wearing nothing or a sexy panty and it does help me to feel sexy and more open to indulging in a little play.

    Jennifer Valeries last blog post..

  26. do the ones with the tags still on them from the honeymoon count?

    Brookes last blog post..Mr. Right joins the frugal fun!

  27. Emily says:

    I used to wear pretty panties all the time until my doc put me on 100% cotton panties cause i’m prone to UTIs. So… does anyone know where I could get sexy panties that are also 100% cotton? Thanks girls, this is fun :)

  28. Rebecca says:

    Awesome post again this week! I just bought five pairs of cute panties from Victoria’s Secret last week for $15. They’re having a great clearance sale right now…

    So far, the challenge has been GREAT!

  29. Yay! I just bought new undies last month. Before that it was prego panties. ACK! SO unsexy!

    MommyAmys last blog post..WINDY!!!

  30. Christin says:

    Ok, I think I can do this. As long as hubby agrees to it. Sometimes he just tells me I don’t need that stuff to make me sexy, so I might be in the clear. I am still working on my bedroom…and actually, may need a few tips in making romantic!

    Christins last blog post..Motivate Me Monday – Warfare Prayer

  31. Krista says:

    I wish I could allow myself to splurge on a matching set, but in my cup size, the prices are outrageous, and only offered by European brands. Oh well. New panties I just bought 6 pair last week. Check!

    Donielle – figleaves.com offers some very pretty nursing bras. The prettiest ones are often also pricey and may not come in the largest cup sizes though (H and up). Of course this is a site to look at in private, because they do picture things on real models.

  32. My hubby is away for the next few months, so I’ll be slowly going through my drawer and changing things up… I bet he’ll be glad I have a pretty lookin’ drawer better than any other welcome home present! ;o)

    Arlenes last blog post..Haiku on the brain

  33. It’s hard to find bras my size that are comfortable so that might be a challenge & I’m with Emily on the 100% cotton but I’m up to a challenge. Sexy mama 2 B R Me. :-)

    Pattis last blog post..MLK Day

  34. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.net says:

    Well, I’m proud to say that I did rid my wardrobe of the grannies last month. Not that I wore them or anything and would know that they were just too big and all (when you have to roll your undies down b/c they are way too big, it’s time for them to go!!) :-)

    I will take thee to purchase some pretty panties without floss!

    Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.nets last blog post..Snack Time: Expired Coupons

  35. Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffee says:

    “Pray he doesn’t have an accident on the way home.”


    I already have the sexy-mama panties, but I do need a new sexy mama bra. I can’t wait to get paid!!!

    Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffees last blog post..Building Hope

  36. too incredibly funny! (Funny in that really relative kind of way). I’ll put it on this week’s to-do list!

    Tricias last blog post..Menu Plan Monday – Test Run

  37. Sounds like fun!
    My mom took me to buy new undies before I got married, so I’m still good (my dad did the laundry one day about two months before I got married and was like “Lana, I need to talk to you. You’re gonna need some new underwear before the wedding. Some *nice* pairs.” lol)
    BUT, I only have one bra that fits currently. And it’s just plain tan. Not a smidge of lace. Not even a little ribbon bow. *sigh*
    Um, embarrasing problem – my size is very hard to find at least at Wal-mart, which is where I shop :) I don’t know where go get a bra that fits me AND our budget. Anyone know where to buy a size like… um, a 32C? that’s not gonna cost me $25, I mean :D

    My man and I are looking forward to the next week of the challenge :)

  38. Natalie @ I AM (not) says:

    Yep, went and bought new ones after I did a similar post and got aplenty of “encouragement” to go buy new ones. Funny thing, I thought I was buying some cute ones and they turned out worse than the ones I was getting rid of. Back to the store. Ah, much better. Hubs appreciates them too. *winkity-wink*

    Natalie @ I AM (not)s last blog post..I Could Go For a Professional, Really I Could

  39. i’m totally in! awesome! :) thanks for such a great idea!

    Katy Lins last blog post..Motivate Me Monday ~ Different

  40. Sakura says:

    Never had pretty (or sexy) panties lol I tend to be ‘practical’. Never had lingerie. DH likes boy shorts and I hate them they ride. I guess I don’t think of myself as sexy (baby fat from 3 kids in 4 years of marriage). I’m guilty on the old panties.. I still have some from 3.5 years ago… they held up!

  41. I’m in!:) Except it may have to wait until I can get to Springfield….all we have here is Walmart, which is ok, but if I’m going to buy “sexy” panties, I’d rather buy them anywhere but Walmart.:)LOL

    Melissa @ Heart Printss last blog post..The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  42. Oh, yes. This is a good post! Good advice and a cracker jack sense of humor.
    (I was going to say a ‘crack sense of humor’ but when I realized how it sounded then my gag reflex took over.)

    jubilees last blog post..Wild Card Review – The Red Siren by M.L. Tyndall

  43. Amanda says:

    Last week’s challenge ended up being so much better than I expected! My hubby and I went to Ikea over the weekend since we had a gift card and ended up redecorating our bedroom. It was really fun to talk about how to make our bedroom more like a place we want to spend more time relaxing in. Thanks for the challenge! I’m sure we wouldn’t have otherwise spent the money to do it. I love it though and am loving having a nice bedroom (finally!). Thanks for the challenge! It’s helping so far and I’m sure it will only get better… :)

  44. now i know what i’ll be buying with some of those christmas gift cards :)

  45. I did this the other day and it was so freeing.

    Getting rid of maternity panties that were still in the drawer- now that’s the best feeling ever :)

    Victorias Secret has some really cute- and comfortable styles now. Yeah!!

    Beth@Not a Bow in Sights last blog post..I Received a Blog Award

  46. I’ll have panties on my list for Wal-Mart this week! (And maybe I’ll leave it out for my husband to see….for the anticipation!)

    Esthers last blog post..Mosaic Monday–Edition #4

  47. agh! This one seems tough! I’m still working on cleaning up the bedroom!

    Bries last blog post..Another Resolution…

  48. Kristin says:

    I’m in! I am in desperate need! :o)

    Kristins last blog post..The Simple Woman’s Day Book: January 19th Edition

  49. Kristen says:

    I just got my sexy panties! AND I’m taking this one step further – I’m going to “accidentally” put my sexy panties in my husband’s drawer so when he wakes up he gets a little hint of what is to come tonight! ; )

    Kristens last blog post..Where My Girls At?

  50. Deborah says:

    I’m in…how I’d love $500 to plunk down at Vicky’s. To my delight my husband bought me some sexy, lacy, black lingerie for Christmas. He loves me! And, I feel so pretty!

    He also went through the lingerie I was given at my bridal showers and told me what he didn’t think was sexy. Still love ya, fam & friends…but hubs opinion in this area comes first. I did this only because he promised to replace what we tossed.

    Deborahs last blog post..Homemade Noodles…Thanks, Mom!

  51. ruth a. stiles says:

    hahahah…if I called my husband and told him I threw all my undies out and he needed to buy me more…he would probably procrastinate in buying more! so “bad” idea! LOL…I also think thongs are stupid. I want to be comfy and not picking at my hind end all day!
    This is a great reminder. I will try to make a trip to the store to get some matching ensembles this week!

    ruth a. stiless last blog post..Daybook

  52. Oh My Goodness! This made me laugh so hard! I don’t own any granny panties, so I think I’m good there. However, like one of the commenters above, I don’t have any money for new ones. I, too, would have to dip into the grocery budget for this. And since my family likes to eat, I think I’ll just have to dig out the handful of sexy undies hiding in the back of my underwear drawer! My husband loves these. Maybe I can suprise him with some tonight!

    Jenns last blog post..Easy Birdie Craft for Kids

  53. Ironically, I was on my way to the panty store when I saw this in my Google reader. Unfortunately, they were out of what I went for. But I am going to go ahead and throw out the holey ones…. just for you (and my husband!)

  54. For those who need cotton panties, I’ve found the cotton bikinis at Vic Secret can be quite cute and comfy (and somehow, the knowledge that they came from VS helps DH like them better even if they are all cotton). I’m snowed in right now, but then I’m off for my assignment! I definitely needed a prod in this area because I’ve been waiting until I like my weight better…but that might be a while!

  55. Sweet! I am so in this week, too. I had him help me pick out about 10 pairs right before Christmas, and I just purged my undie drawer last week.

    Minnesotamoms last blog post..I’m the Apple of His Eye

  56. okay, I am totally in for the new panties. but I think it will be so difficult to get rid of my comfy, cotton grannies! when I workout, when I lounge around, they are just so comfy :)

    Courtney from Mommie Blogss last blog post..husbands!

  57. My hubby and I are going to a marriage retreat for a weekend at the end of February. I started to think about lingerie yesterday because we will be WITHOUT KIDS for two whole nights!!!! (This is our first weekend trip away since before our first child was born…he’s um six now. Yeah, still working on making our marriage a priority column in our budget!) I went through my lingerie and tried stuff on yesterday (hubs wasn’t home and Aunt Flo is here otherwise I would have thrown in another part of the challenge :)…much to my disappointment NONE of it looked good (having three kids will do that) and some of it was falling apart. Sigh. So I set about to find two “outfits” (one for each night we are away) for under $40. Yeah…talk about mission impossible! Then I prayed and God led me to Walmart.com. Ladies I hit the jackpot! Two outfits, shipped to my home for only $42.91 (97-cent shipping per item!!!). I haven’t told my hubby what I am doing yet. I want the outfits to be surprise…dang it’s gonna be hard to keep them a secret for a month!

    And for those ladies who are UTI prone…I feel your pain..literally! Target has a really nice brand Gilligan O’Malley that have cute panties in COTTON with COTTON inserts. I have three or four in purple, lavendar, pink…no granny panties here! :) *grin*

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..How Well Do You Know Your Bible?

  58. I’m definitely past due on this one. I usually update yearly, but haven’t yet. Time to go shopping!!

    Jenny 867-5309s last blog post..You know it’s my birthday..NANANANANA!!!!

  59. Mrs. Diaper Diaries,

    What if you made a challenge week about scents? I have heard that guys are very “scents-itive” creatures :) I know my husband appreciates a nice whiff of perfume every now and then. Or just the aroma from bodywash. Anyway, I went through and read all the past posts about IC7:5C and noticed there wasn’t anything regarding the olfactory senses of our hubbies…just a thought :)

    Thanks for the fun challenge!


    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Don’t Forget…

  60. I think that I’m going in reverse… I did this last week, and this week is all about making the bedroom more cozy.

    Playful Professionals last blog post..Some Things Are Best Left to Professionals

  61. Okay, I gotta tell you that my hubby does not know that I’m doing this challenge, but this is one that he’s really liked! I texted him this last week while I was in the undie aisle and asked him what color of lace he liked… He then asked me out on a date and we ended up at VS (Victoria Secrets) where they did have a sale on some things… It was interesting to see what he really liked! Needless to say, yesterday he told me thanks… Note to others, if you and hubby text back and forth, and you ask you teenager to text dad to see what he wants for lunch, make sure he knows it is teen texting from Mom’s phone. This was his message back that she saw: Naked wife with something skimpy on!” Needless to say, I had a huge laugh over that one! Thanks for the challenge. Looking forward to next week, but still working on the 1st week of decluttering.

    Lynnets last blog post..Random Picture Challenge

  62. My boyfriend loves edible panties…they totally kill two birds with one stone…dinner and romance!

  63. Heather H says:

    I sent the hubby into the undies section at Tar.get yesterday – he was totally embarrassed, but I promised I would model them for him AND put away my maternity undies. This has been really fun for us.

    Heather Hs last blog post.."See? I’m looking out for you…"

  64. This has been on my list of things to do for awhile. I’m keeping my work out panties but I also keep them in a different drawer with work out clothes so they never make it in the rotation. Now to get out shopping with out the hubby…

    Anns last blog post..Tackle It Tuesday

  65. Can’t wait to clean out the old….as I told you I already bought the new :)

    Alyssas last blog post..It Has Only Just Begun

  66. Ashley Taylor says:

    Ok so I am way behind but I did get my new panties. This may be TMI but I did get some lacy crotchless panties that we have been wanting to try out. I think I may actually get some of my sex drive back. Yay!

  67. Although I am late to the party I have to say that sexy panties are in the eye of the beholder. What I mean is many women and a whole lot of men love women in snug fitting boy shorts, and they don’t and in fact shouldn’t be expensive. The idea of sexy panties being lacy, skimpy and uncomfortable is not accurate. Many men and women come into our store and fall in love with cute, floral-tiny flowers not gynormous bouquets, stretchy, comfortable boy short panties. They look great on, feel even better and they cost little. Sure you can buy some Lola Luna panties or exquisite La Perla or Jolie panties and drop a $100.00 or even more. Why? If you love full coverage panties, and who doesn’t know that so do many men. A survey in the U.K. last year found that well over 40% of men love the women in their lives to wear boy shorts. The finding also found that form fitting panties in misses or plus size were a favorite. Dont drain the bank account for panties- Do throw away any panties that could serve as a parachute for small animals, look like you are twenty pounds heavier than you really are or are in tan or white with the above characteristics. Show off your sense of style and color in the choice of panties, you will be pleased and so will he.

  68. Jaime says:

    Ok, I have a problem… my husband isn’t into sexy panties or any kind of lingerie lol. Yes I know, you’re saying, “What man isn’t into lingerie?” Well, that would be my man lol. He just prefers “naked”. So, any ideas of what I can do for this week’s challenge? (I already go pantyless most of the time so he’s used to that lol)
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..Love Is Not A Fight =-.

    • Your problem is my problem! I know my husband enjoys “lingerie-less” best, also! I guess we can skate through this week’s challenge!

  69. Is there a middle ground for this? tell my hubby to get me some new ones without throwing all the old ones away? I dont mind getting rid of the big old ugly ones…but not all my comfy panties. NOOOOOO!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..UBP10 Food and fun =-.

  70. I am a newlywed, and I think this is GREAT! Thank you so much!
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday =-.

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