The Challenge Week 18- Who Knew The Brain Could Be So Sexy

1-cor-challenge Hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day. I got breakfast in bed, a prenatal massage and 2 huge chocolate bars. Yippee. You would think I would reward my hubby with a little somethin’-somethin’, but unfortunately I also got a funky stomach, a touch of heartburn and another pregnancy gift that starts with an “h”. If you have been pregnant, you probably know of which I speak. If not, we’ll just leave that little pregnancy gift a surprise. Anyway, only 2 weeks to go in “The Challenge”. Then whatever will we do with ourselves?

So rumor has it men think about sex every seven seconds. Actually, that is an urban legend. But I would still bet they think about it a heck of a lot more than we do. How can we possibly find time to think about sex when we have so many more pressing things on our mind (laundry, kids schedules, the state of the house, neighborhood crime, whether our kids is normal, our next blog post…).

Maybe the problem is our brain is filled with so much stuff, we aren’t focusing on what is important. It is really hard to get in the mood for sex when we have 300 other things flooding our mind. There is the old joke of the woman thinking “Beige, I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige” during sex. But the problem is we shouldn’t wait until we are in the middle of things to try and push everything out of our brain. Women are great multi-taskers, but this is one time when we should be ONLY focusing on the task at hand.

I think it is really helpful to take some time before everything gets started to clear our mind and think about our hubbies. There is something to be said for “mind over matter.” Sometimes “getting in the mood” is much more of a mental thing than a physical thing. In other words, when the hubby gives you that look, maybe you need to take a few moments by yourself thinkin’ some sexy thoughts and getting yourself ready. Better yet, if you took my advice and scheduled yourself some lovin’ you can even start earlier in the day. Consider it “mental foreplay.”

Now here is the only caveat. We are thinking sexy thoughts about our husband. Not Brad Pitt (and that hair in Legends of the Fall), not Tom Cruise (pre weird couch jumping), not Matthew McConaughey (who can’t seem to find his shirt). No thinking about that made-up super husband you saw in some romantic comedy. No thinking about that long haired, muscle bound guy on the cover of a romance novel. We are thinking about having some smokin’ hot sex with our hubbies.

If you start early enough in the day, you might get yourself  so worked up the kids get put to bed at 6 pm. Your kids won’t know what hit them. I guarantee your hubby definitely won’t know what hit him. Again, you can direct all cards, gifts and jewelry my way. A little belated Mother’s Day present to me :)


  1. Makes me think of the book by Marla Taviano, “Is That All He Thinks About?” Good blog…great reminders for wives!

    Emily Kays last blog post..Weekly Savings – Target & HEB – 5/9

  2. i’m still one step ahead of you – yesterday i was thinking like a man.

    the hubs sat down in the living room with a towel wrapped around his waist after his shower.

    i decided i was going to be like him and look up his “skirt”.

    and yes, my manly thinking did work just as you said it would.

    Brookes last blog post..Dose of Reality

  3. It doesn’t hurt to let hubby know you’re thinking about it either. Sometimes I’ll send my DH a little email (or a long one) letting him know what I’m thinking about, what I’d like to do that evening (it also helps to keep him from making other plans – you know like watching ball games or such). A little suggestive texting or voice mails… let him know you’re thinking about him!! He’ll love it! It’ll make his day! And then later maybe he’ll make yours! ;-)

    Wanis last blog post..Faves

  4. LOL. You crack me up with these posts. This is excellent advice.

    Musings of a Housewifes last blog post..Maybe I’ll Change My Name to Amusing Housewife

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