The Challenge Week 17- I Feel Like Makin' Love (Sunday at 10 pm)

1-cor-challenge This particular challenge isn’t working so well for us at the current moment because I never know when the “not feeling so hot” preggo moments will strike, but it has worked for us in the past. So before you poo poo the idea, give it a shot. In other words, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Grab your calendars ladies. We are schedulin’ ourselves some sex. Scheduling you say? That is so boring and unspontaneous. Spontaneous? If you are waiting for the mood to strike you, your hubby could be waiting a loooong time. I would bet spontaneous isn’t working too great for you (or your hubby).

Here’s the upside. You will be having regular sex. You will be happy. Your hubby will be happy. You will have less nights that end with “the look” when you are too tired to even function. You may even grow to look forward to those nights on the calendar with excitement and anticipation. That is the way it is supposed to work anyway.

If your hubby happens to be offended by the thought that you must “schedule” him in in order to get the deed done, perhaps you could keep it from him a bit. I would truly never advocate lying in your marriage. Truly. Not a good idea. But if you happen to start scheduling sex and he just chalks it up to his wife spontaneously being in the mood a little more often, that isn’t such a bad thing. Everybody wins.

Alright, you can do this one of two ways. But May is the month to jump on board this challenge. Choice number one- pick a night and stick to it. Just make sure to let everyone know that Sunday night is sex night so people don’t disturb you. Ok, so maybe not that last part. Choice number two- you and the hubby get out the calendars and coordinate your schedules. Find the nights without commitments and stresses and pencil in a little horizontal mambo (I have been waiting to utilize the euphemism and it just felt right…sorry).

I won’t tell you which of the two methods we are choosing. Just please don’t call on Sunday nights after 10:30 :)


  1. Horizontal Mambo! Good plan…So many times life gets in the way even for “fun!”

  2. we have a schedule. we do! and we, pretty much, ALWAYS follow it. sometimes we have a freebie thrown in, which is always nice. but, i’m guaranteed at least 2x/week!! i know! it’s awesome!!

  3. We’re all about the spontaneous, but you know? When you really think about it? It’s pretty much a schedule. Lol. Sometimes life gets in the way, so we try to be consistent.

    I have to say, though, my preggo creativity is running dry!! AH!

  4. Generally, I set my goal every night to make SOMETHING happen. It doesn’t, but then it does more often than it doesn’t.

    However… I can get out of that habit and then it’s the other way around. I’m sure my hubby would NOT mind if we at least set two days a week that we both knew about. That would set a minimum at the very least. And I can still strive for more on top of that. ;)

    Great idea!

  5. hahaha great post. At this point in our marriage I don’t think my husband would want to know about the schedule..but it could work if I just “initiated” on the days that I scheduled! lol A More sex challenge is always fun!


    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..Get Inspired! Little ways to decrease your carbon footprint

  6. Sunday is “Sensual Sunday” in our house :)

    Brookes last blog post..5K in the rain

  7. LOL…Well as hubby and I were discussing our lack of quality time (something of which is a love language for both of us) this would be a good way to get in some really QUALITY time ;)

    Still lovin’ the challenge!

    Oh and Brooke..I love the idea of Sensual Sunday…that is awesome!

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Remodeling Round Up…Sorta

  8. Melinda says:

    I think this is a great idea… I like to know what to expect for my week’s schedule, so this is a good concept for me :)

  9. Wonderful idea! We may need to mark our Google calendars as “explicit”! :)

    Will Blog For Shoess last blog post..Musings on the Swineflu

  10. I’m beginning to think we need to do this scheduling thing. Its sad how often other things get in the way of us having sex. As it is we only have full evenings together as a family 3-4 times a week… sex is less than that. I’m breaking out my calendar now!

    Wanis last blog post..New To Do List

  11. Just found your blog, and I can tell that I’m going to absolutely love it! Sex one day and giveaways the next? Oh, yeah!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I just wanted to pass along a tidbit of info I thought simply amazing. My mom’s church recently had a guest speaker who is a jewish rabbi and he was talking on the subject of marriage, and he said the “be fruitful and multiply” reference in Genesis in the original Hebrew meant: “Be fruitful: have sex.” “and multiply: have offspring.” it wasn’t just “have sex to have kids” but “HAVE SEX…and have kids”.
    I don’t know if I’m relaying it right, but I thought it pretty cool!

  13. ran across your blog while i was surfin’ around some others. and you have some great content here. there’s lots to check out and i’m really enjoying my stay. i’d like to invite you for a pop on over to my blog if you’d like. i’d love to have you. :) i’ve subscribed to your feed so i’ll be coming back for sure.

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