The Challenge Week 16- Try A Nooner

1-cor-challenge This week’s “challenge” is near and dear to my heart. Since all my pregnancy woes seem to happen in the evening, that time of day just isn’t happening for us. At all. So at the risk of way TMI, the morning cartoon hour is quickly becoming our new best friend. My husband and mother are both currently mortified. Sorry, but I do believe it is a great way to start the day :)

Where is it written that sex has to be at night? Yes, it’s dark and the kids are in bed, but how tired are you? Most days, I am so exhausted by the end of the day it is all I can do to climb up the stairs and into bed. When the hubby gives me “that look” I seriously could start to cry.

Now, I realize an actual nooner is probably out of the question most days. The hubby is at work and the kids keep annoyingly expecting you to feed them. However, last week you shook up the location, maybe this week you can shake up the time of day.

Set the alarm a little before the kids wake up and start your day with a bang (hee, hee). Or would it be so wrong to stick the kids in front of some morning cartoons and head upstairs? You know they could zone out for hours in front of the tube and truth be told you don’t really need near that long (maybe you could squeeze in a nap too). Or try when the kids are napping, just make sure the door is locked in case of an early wake up. If you really want to be adventurous wake up your hubby in the middle of the night. I have a feeling he won’t mind…


  1. Darn that crib in our bedroom. Darn it to heck!

    Will Blog For Shoess last blog post..OMG! Is It That Time Again?

  2. My husband works from which has been very handy! The days my son goes to preschool are 2 of my most favorite days of the week. ;)

    Malias last blog post..Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich

  3. My husband always wants to mix up the time. I need to start making time for him. Seriously! I’m doing this. Perhaps even right now… you’ll never know ;)

    Anns last blog post..Boredom Strikes

  4. Your posts always crack me up!! I must say, it’s not always a bad thing when we’re both awake and can’t sleep in the middle of the night…

  5. Ha! it’s great to spice things up! My husband comes home for lunch many days…and sometimes we get a “nooner” in! I don’t think the morning thing would work for either of us at this poing. My husband is a walking zombie! not very sexy if you ask me! lol


  6. You’d THINK that they wouldn’t mind the wake-them-up thing, but WATCH out! My hubby does NOT wake up well…trust me…I know from experience. I gave that one up long ago! :)

    Devons last blog post..Update long overdue

  7. okay so i have to have a nooner in the kitchen? (still not caught up from last week.)

    Brookes last blog post..Blessed to be a blessing

  8. Best way to start the day, for sure!

    Heather Hs last blog post..Monday’s Menu: Asparagus

  9. we did it at 2am last night – our son was up crying, and we had just put him back down. we figured… since we’re awake anyway… God, I am such a bad mom to get busy when my son is fussing himself back to sleep.

    Erin Gs last blog post..Brunch With Nathan and Simon

  10. Annie M says:

    We love a nooner, or middle of the nighter or first thing in the morning!

    Will Blog For Shoes, do you have other rooms in your house?!? Mix in last weeks challenge, too!

  11. Annie M says:

    Oh, and when the crib was in our room (and to this day if we are out of town or something) we found that if you keep the noise level down, kiddo sleeps right through it! It has worked for almost 7 years now!

  12. “Nooners” are what got me through the first two trimesters. I was just too tired by the time my husband got home from work to do anything but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in the evenings.

    Now sex is becoming a little uncomfortable, regardless of the time of day. Any tips for that? Please? ANYBODY?!

  13. I can’t get that “Afternoon Delight” song out of my head. :)
    Thanks for keeping the challenge going!

    Jesicas last blog post..Just a little off…

  14. Expecting again says:

    Just found out about this last night and am reading through the weeks now….here’s a hint for women who are pregnant for the first time (I saw there were a few of you who have gotten pregnant via this challenge–way to go!)….yes, your body will change dramatically while pregnant and after the baby. What I learned the first time is to be creative when you’re getting bigger, and definitely say what isn’t working or isn’t comfortable. And realize that after the baby is born, it’s like a whole new body again and you have to relearn what you like, but I’m pretty sure hubby will be glad to oblige. The best thing I did for myself when my firstborn was about a month old was go out to the lingerie store and buy something that was sexy that I could look at myself in the mirror in, and I didn’t care what size it was. Nothing I got for my wedding shower fit, as I had inherited giant breasts from breastfeeding (TMI?), and I didn’t expect to look like a movie star at four weeks postpartum. I just got something that was comfortable and fit, and gave myself permission to try things out again. And the first few attempts we made at it, I asked him to stop because I was not comfortable, and we gave it a little more time for healing and learning the new body. But within a few weeks of our first try, we were up and at ’em again. I think, though, especially after you have a baby, things can feel a bit more….medical? than sexy, so do speak up. Who wants medical in your free time? And don’t forget your Kegel exercises before & after baby comes. Trust me on this one. They will help you push the baby out, and help you keep yourself together once the baby’s outside! My other big tip for new moms is–empty breasts! Feed the babe, put the babe down (doesn’t really matter if the crib/cradle is in your room–that’s how we did it the first few months and new babes sleep solidly!) or have hubby put the babe down, take a shower so you feel like you’re not covered in milk and sweat, and then pray the baby doesn’t wake up and get back in the saddle! :) And don’t forget to track your ovulation/use birth control unless you want Irish twins–you can get pregnant before your first postpartum period.

  15. We are all about naptime nookie!

    Wanis last blog post..cheap meal!

  16. my fave time is nighttime, but we LOVE saturday mornings, too. And yes, the poor man has gone back to work after lunch break without any *food* for lunch a few times, but he doesn’t complain :)

    Sometimes I plan ahead and make him sandwiches to take back to work, but his boss must wonder why, after being home for an hour lunch, he still needs to bring something to work :) – that man can eat, eh? lol

    My Dear Husband is good about not trying to do it when I’m really exhausted, and I try to be that considerate for him :D (when he’s working as much as possible and taking a full load of college courses, he gets pretty busy and tired, too.)

    Lanas last blog post..sick :(

  17. We have a name for waking up in the middle of the night (my fave time actually) we call it sleepy sex. I think I am more relaxed if my brain hasn’t been on overload all day because I was just woken up lol. Although this never worked with a little one that didn’t sleep through the night but my youngest (8months) does now :) But don’t EVER look at the clock.. because then your brain starts working…. (not that I could without my glasses anyways…) lol

    Candices last blog post..FO and updates

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