The Challenge Week 15- A Change In Scenery

1-cor-challenge Just got home from an exhausting weekend in Chicago and I need a vacation. There will be no “challenging” tonight and seeing as hockey playoffs have begun, even sex seems to have moved down the list. Here’s hoping I can take my own advice this week ;) BTW-last time I posted this particular challenge, I got some very interesting comments. TMI is much appreciated.

So remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally…no not that scene, I have already told you ladies, we are not to be “faking it”. This scene:

Sally Albright: And Joe and I used to talk about it, and we’d say we were so lucky we have this wonderful relationship, we can have sex on the kitchen floor and not worry about the kids walking in. We can fly off to Rome on a moment’s notice…… And I went home, and I said, “The thing is, Joe, we never do fly off to Rome on a moment’s notice.”
Harry Burns: And the kitchen floor?
Sally Albright: Not once. It’s this very cold, hard Mexican ceramic tile.

Ours is hardwood, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Either way, it got me thinkin’, what if we did something outrageous and crazy and had sex in a different room? Post kids and 7 1/2 years into marriage, it is amazing (and a little sad) what is considered outrageous and crazy.

So your challenge this week is to find an “un-christened” corner of your house and “christen” it. If you want to be lame, pick the guest room. If you want to be adventurous, the kitchen floor (although I have to agree with Meg Ryan on this one, that does not sound appealing). Just pick a room, any room and mix it up a bit. If you want to be REALLY adventurous, don’t stop picking until you have “christened” the whole house. That is like a level 5 challenge. Participate at your own risk. I would avoid the kids room in case of somehow causing a lifetime of therapy needs. Not sure who would need it more, you or your children should they find out.


  1. OK, there are only a few rooms in our house that have not been “christened” and two of those are the kid’s rooms so….yeah…not even going to go there. But you have given me a couple of ideas for the others on the short list! ;)

    Malias last blog post..The Five Percent Rule

  2. Kristen says:

    Loving this! I’m thinking balcony at night. ; )

    Kristens last blog post..A Moving Sabbatical & My Travel Wanderlust

  3. Well, you said TMI is appreciated, so here goes. When my husband and I had sex on our linoleum kitchen floor several years ago, we discovered that the small of my back made an air pocket, and every time the small of my back was pressed into the floor, the air was released out of the pocket, which created a giant, loud farting sound. Yes. Very rhythmic. It was the noisiest sex we’ve ever had, and it ended with very anticlimactic fits of giggling.

    Becky @ Abba Storiess last blog post..A Dose of Humor – Parents Are So Weird

  4. somehow hubby and I didn’t do this when we bought our house, but we have been improving a little at a time. you know, the guest room, the den (blinds closed), the shower, the study…. maybe this week (if it stops raining), we’ll get brave and turn all the lights off and try out the DECK. What is it about nookie outside that’s so much fun???


    PS I love love love When Harry Met Sally. It’s a staple in our house. Would you like a piece of my pecan pie?

    Erin Gs last blog post..This is Why I Should Not Be Allowed to Have TWO Children

  5. We bought a new house a few months ago. Let’s just say the word “christened” came up often in those first couple of weeks.

    jubilees last blog post..The Unquiet Bones by Melvin Starr – A Review

  6. You know, this is definitely something we need to work on…Yea!!

    Lois Lane IIs last blog post..Sushi Night

  7. I have never seen When Harry Met Sally but… we did go outside behind our house (late in the night and in the shadows) with a blanket once… that was.. well uncomfortable with the hard ground lol.

    Candices last blog post..Life as I know it

  8. I haven’t seen when Harry Met Sally either…and we definitely haven’t christened our backyard. We have chain link fencing…enough said…lol!

    I think I am going to think outside of the box on this one..and it might take a while to get to it because we can’t put the van in the garage until my hubby finishes our family room remodel. But we have never made love in the van…so one of these days… :)

    Oh plus, when the family room does get finished, we will definitely christen it :)

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Cheesy Goodness…

  9. The deck after dark is definitely one that I recommend! The lounge chair was helpful. ;-) Also… the laundry room with the washer on was a good one too!

    Wanis last blog post..30×30 Amended!

  10. Heather says:

    We live in a studio, so our room has definitely been christened, as has the bathroom.

    My husband and I were actually discussing this last night. Really the only “new” places include the closets. Hmm… This will be an interesting challenge for us.

  11. Yeah, so we have basically 3 rooms in our house. The only one un”christened” is where the little man sleeps. Not going to happen!
    Someday outdoors might be fun, but at the moment we live in an apartment row house with a long shared backyard! We used to have neighbors that never went outside, but now we have next door neighbors that are always out with their little firepit thing.
    Oh, and the sprinklers come on at midnight pretty much the whole time it’s warm enough to be outside. Bummer!

    Kristas last blog post..Impromptu Weekend

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