The Challenge Week 13- A Weekend Getaway

1-cor-challenge Now that you know my little secret, I should just confess that I haven’t done a challenge in like 6 weeks. It is hard to step up to the plate when you constantly feel like hurling. But I think I am getting over the hump so I am getting back on the horse (DOUBLE ENTENDRES EVERYWHERE!!!). You know the best place to get back in the swing of things? Well it ain’t your house with the kids down the hall. So the hubby and I took a little weekend away this past weekend and it was heavenly. It is amazing how much more “in the mood” you are when someone else is cleaning your room.

How long has it been since you and the hubby have been away from the kids? Cause I think it is time for a little getaway.

Now, I recognize everyone can’t pick up and head out for a warm weather weekend away. A weekend “vacation” doesn’t even have to mean leaving home. Grab a grandparent who is dying for some time with her grandbabies, ship them off and have a weekend together without kids. Or consider staying in town at a local affordable hotel. You could even swap houses with a really, really generous friend who wants to take on your kids.

We didn’t do so good with this after the first kid was born. One of us (who will remain nameless to protect his innocence) didn’t want to leave her for the weekend. Little did he know what awaited him when we went away. Suddenly the wife was feeling, how should I put it…much more amorous than usual without the stress of domesticity weighing her down. All it took was one vacation and he has been eagerly planning weekends away ever since. EAGERLY!

Maybe you are the one afraid to leave your precious kiddos behind. Let me remind you one day those kids are going to grow up and leave home. Then you and your spouse who have forgotten to take time for each other will look across the table and wonder who you have become. It is so important to your marriage (and your kiddos) that you take time away from them to remember why you fell in love in the first place, before those kids starting competing for all your love and attention.

So your assignment this week is to block out a weekend away on the calendar. Nothing fancy, the only rule is no kids allowed and lots of lovin’ happening while your away. Again, this doesn’t need to be an expensive vacation to the Carribean. Our trip this weekend was to a budget hotel that was free using hotel points my husband has accumulated from work travel. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments on how to get away on a budget.


  1. My hubby & I took our first kid-free vacation last fall, and those four days were enough to convince me! I’m not sure when we’ll manage our next one, with a baby on the way in about a month, but we’re definitely doing it again!! And not just for the “action” – for the SLEEP! Nice big king-sized bed, and no baby monitor!! No reason to get up until you feel like it! Yay!

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  2. Our first kid-free weekend getaway was our marriage retreat in February. It was so relaxing…sigh. We definitely need to do it again! Good idea to check out the calendar and plan for it!

    Oh and congratulations on your joyful news! Three is so much easier than two was! The older two are great helpers no matter the age :)


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  3. I don’t have children yet (hopefully soon) and I worry about this so much! I know in my head how important keeping marriage alive is, but I just hope that we don’t forget along the way. I guess it’s good to have blogs like this as little reminders!


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  4. Krista says:

    It took us longer than some to bite the bullet and let our DD spend the night anywhere without us, but now we arrange for her to stay with my parents overnight at least once a month. It is so nice to reconnect. As an employed mom, who is already away from her child at least 40 hours a week and a DH who works a different shift, overnight is more my speed. I hate to miss family time with the three of us all together, which only happens on the weekends. With that in mind, we still spend some time all together each weekend, even on the weekends we make alone time for us.

  5. kirwin says:

    Our first kid-free weekend was a few weeks ago…and it was aMAZing! I greatly underestimated how much stress was relieved while the kiddos were at my parents’ house. Lucky us…DH and I have a 5 day trip planned for NY at the end of May. Of course, we’ll be staying at my brother’s loft in Brooklyn, but it will be such a nice getaway.

    kirwins last blog post..Edit, Add, Appreciate

  6. We have 3 kids 3 and under so finding (free) sitters for a few days is a little tough.We’ve been married 4.5 years so far. We also have church responsibilities that fall on the weekend… so no we haven’t had a weekend to ourselves in a looooong time. Though it would be really nice I just don’t see getting away happening.. and if we stayed here.. we have things we’d have to do. I don’t think I’d even know what to do with myself if I didn’t have the kids for 2 days or more lol

    Candices last blog post..jumping up and down

  7. Shanice says:

    I have been reading “the challenge” and participating faithfully…well, as faithfully as my four kids will let us. however, i am more than slightly offended by this week’s challenge. things are really tight around here due to my hsuband being laid off and we live far away from our friends and family so having a grandparent take the kids off our hands is not an option. however, despite all of our troubles, our marriage is strong and i resent you insinuating that because we are not able to get away, we risk growing apart in our older years. i think this week’s challenge was condescendingly created by someone who can afford a warm weather getaway.

  8. Shanice-

    I am truly sorry that is how you interpreted what I wrote but I also resent
    the implication that I am insensitive to people’s financial situations. My
    husband just took a paycut as his job and things are tight here as well. We didn’t go anyplace warm. We took a 3 hour road trip to a local town and stayed for free with hotel points we had accumulated from my husband’s work travels. I edited the post to reflect that and I just noticed that the edited post is not the one that published. Something must have happened with WordPress. This post was taken from last year’s challenge when the hubby and
    I went to his best friend’s wedding in Florida. I have re-edited the post to reflect our actual weekend.

    My point was simply that a lot of people refuse to get away because they refuse to be without their kids. And I believe that being so kid focused is detrimental to your marriage. I am sorry that you don’t have family close. I realize we are very lucky in that respect. My post was simply to encourage people to spend some time focused on each other and not their kids. Again,I am sorry if I offended. It was not my intention.

  9. hubs and i just got back from a week long vacation ALL BY OURSELVES! this is the first time ever this has happened. and our boys are 10 and 12! It really was a shot in the arm of romance. good challenge!

    lauras last blog post..Visionary

  10. You know, even though we don’t have kids, sometimes it’s just so nice to get away — and usually that involves staying with a relative for the free room and board, lol. But it’s just so relaxing and makes us feel much more refreshed heading back into work.

    Lois Lane IIs last blog post..Dentists and Dekker

  11. man I wish we could do this.
    We don’t have kids, but I want to have another out of town trip before the baby arrives in october.
    I mean, nights to ourselves at home are wonderful and I’m so thankful, but there’s just something about going away together… Maybe it’s just that we can be all to ourselves with no housework, cleaning, or cooking to do and no other obligations… Sounds wonderful to me :)

    Any ideas of how to do that cheap?

    We’re going to a family reunion in FL, but staying in a little unit with my family, (dad is paying!) it’ll be a blast but it’s not exactly a romantic getaway, lol. Not when daddy pays :)
    I believe we’ll have our own bedroom, though. I hope so :D
    If not, we’ll HAVE to get a hotel for a night or two, despite teasing from aunts uncles and cousins :)

  12. So important to have time away but SOOOO difficult and expensive when you don’t have family willing to watch your kids without major strings attached. We try to plan “date nights IN” every once in awhile and are sure our kids are in bed at a reasonable hour every night so we ALWAYS have a few hours to ourselves each night. I agree that it is so important to keep up your relationship and hard to do w/little ones around. Weekends away would be awesome but if it’s not possible, there are other little things you can do. I think as long as you are aware of the fact that you have to work at your marriage you are one step in the right direction. :)

  13. Oops…forgot to add we just celebrated our 13 anniv. and can sadly count on one hand the # of weekends away. If you are lucky enough to be able to get away…go for it!!!

  14. is it horrible that we “stepped up to the plate” on a weekend getaway with my family? we had our own room in the rental cabin of course…

    Brookes last blog post..The Visitation

  15. Shannon H says:

    I have to agree that when you don’t have family in town, it’s really hard (not to mention expensive!) to get away. Overnight? Do babysitters even do that? When the kids are older we’ll dump them on my parents and do a week in Hawaii (once a money tree starts growing in our backyard), till then it doesn’t look promising.

    But even though it’s not feasible for me, I certainly wasn’t offended by your post. It’s a great idea if you can swing it!

  16. Honey took it upon himself to plan our get-away for spring break. Yes, we had the kids with us, but HE booked us TWO rooms! One for the kids and the Presidential Suite complete with Jacuzzi and a bottle of Champagne. He’s still working on just the two of us getting away w/o any kids… Can’t wait!

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  17. I’m back on the sexual bandwagon I guess you could say. We took a hiatus for awhile while hubby recovered from a rather bad sinus infection. wierd. Anyway, our first weekend away without the baby was valentine’s day – it was so wonderful!! We didn’t leave the hotel room much and had the best time (if you know what I mean). I couldn’t wait to plan our next trip as soon as we got back. So we’ve got our next trip planned for our 5 year anniversary, not till June though – ugh. But we’re hoping to concieve while we’re away! We’ll see – congrats on your big news!

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  18. my hubby told me yesterday, out of the blue, that he was planning a surprise destination overnighter for us, since all the kids will be gone. In 19 years, he’s never done this!!! WOW!!!

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