The Battle For A Good Night's Sleep

bed   When I was pregnant the first time, I am pretty sure I didn’t sleep well. I don’t remember back that far (I can barely remember what I ate for dinner tonight), but just knowing how impossible it is to sleep comfortably while pregnant I am sure that was the case. The second pregnancy I invested in a body pillow. And what  a difference that made. I’m not necessarily a tummy sleeper or a back sleeper or a side sleeper, but here is my dilemma: when you are pregnant you physically can’t sleep on your stomach and you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back. Easy solution would be to sleep on your side. But I usually find myself either on my back or in some horrible configuration on my side and I wake up more tired than I went to bed.

The body pillow solved all of that. God bless that body pillow. But after baby #2 popped out, I just frankly found the thing annoying and usually ended up abandoning the thing halfway through the night. It was during that time that the hubby began to steal the pillow. Well not steal really cause it was just sitting in the middle of the bed, but suddenly it became “his” body pillow, not mine. Again, this is completely fine, I didn’t want the thing and let’s be honest, 2 kids and 5 years into marriage, it isn’t like we were spooning the night away.

Now we arrive at pregnancy #3. Second trimester hits and I enter the “no sleep zone.” So I logically turn to the hubby and ask for the return of the pregnancy pillow. I am met with a blank stare. I explain my inability to get comfortable, as evidenced by the obvious large belly and he ever so sacrificially hands it over never to mention it in a guilt inducing fashion again. Ahem. Truth be told, most mornings I was reminded of his extreme sacrifice of forfeiting his pillow (which I had long ago nicknamed Eva) by reminding me that he was getting no sleep. I played the “I am growing a human here” card and trumped him every time.

So imagine my joy when I was visiting my brother and sister-in-law during BlogHer and saw her deluxe pregnancy pillow had been relegated to a corner of the bedroom clearly unused following the birth of my niece two months ago. I inquired about said pillow and they said, they didn’t really use it anymore and were going to give it to my SIL’s sister who had fallen in love with the thing. I once again played the “I am growing a human here” card which immediately trumped her “I am a young college student who probably isn’t getting any sleep anyway so who cares” card, shoved the pillow in my trunk and surprised my hubby upon my return.

So now, in case you are keeping track, in our bed we have 2 adults, one with a large preggo belly, and not one, but 2 body pillows. Thank God we recently upgraded to a king sized bed recently or it would be a really tight fit. Yes, the hubby is practically sleeping in another zip code with all the space between us, but outside of my pregnancy snoring, I think we are both sleeping like babies. Well that is until the baby comes and actually does sleep like a baby. Then we could stack this bed from floor to ceiling with pillows and still nobody would get any sleep. And I will retire my “I am growing a human here” card as it will be easily trumped by the “I’m here and I’m hungry” card.


  1. Is it a Snoogle? OMG I could not have survived without mine. I called it my boyfriend and Bryan was the third wheel. And we’re in a Queen!

    Glad you’re sleeping better! Wahoo!
    .-= samantha jo campen´s last blog ..Blah blah blah blah BlogHer =-.

  2. So funny. When pregnant with my second we had in our queen bed…. Me, my hubby and two body pillows. Poor hubby never complained but I know he was miserable. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one that slept with two body pillows.
    .-= Hotomom´s last blog ..Date Night Last Night =-.

  3. moving out of our furnished apartment with a queen sized bed and into a house and a used (but given for free) full sized bed with a fiftyplus year old box spring.
    I’m hoping to graduate back to a queen sized or possibly king-sized bed soon, b/c I don’t see how this full sized bed is gonna work. Esp when hubby takes up 3/5 or more of our queen whenever he doesn’t feel well, and with another (the last!) semester of college and a baby on the way, I expect he’ll be feeling ill a lot more…

  4. Too funny! I always joke with my husband because for example if I use a hot water bottle on my stomach he wants to try it (claiming sympathy pains)…i told him when I am pregnant will I be rubbing your feet? I heard those pillows work wonders! I hope it helps you sleep!
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..100th Post! All New After The Alter! =-.

  5. FUH-NEE! I have often wondered about those pillows and if they are worth the investment. So, how do they work? Are you basically spooning with a pillow all night long?
    .-= thegypsymama´s last blog ..Welcome home. Again. =-.

  6. Yea, I had a snoogle and a body pillow for one pregnancy, and my husband also had HIS body pillow. And we only have a queen bed. Most of my pregnancies have required two body pillows for me and one for him. We’re a high maintenance crowd.
    .-= Lora Lynn´s last blog ..Once Upon A Potty =-.

  7. haha, I love this kind of post. I, too, call my body pillow the pregnancy pillow. And I, too, find that most mornings it has worked its way into hubby’s arms.

    Add two dogs to the mix, and one bed size smaller (we’re in a queen), and you have OUR sleeping situation. lovely, huh?
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..Sweet Potatoes… Going, Going, Gone! =-.

  8. Kim Russell says:

    We have a king sized waterbed and when I was preggo I went and bought a body pillow. Totally impossible to use on a waterbed! You sink into the bed and the pillow pops up into the air so that it is a foot above you. That was a waste for me. So I just stuck a normal pillow between my legs. Throw in preggo me, 6’7″ hubby, 2 cats and a couple extra pillows…equals no room! And a hard time getting my big ‘ole belly out of the bed every morning.

  9. At least you don’t have a I Cor. Challenge going in the mix!

    Oh how I wanted to blurt out when I met you….”I know you, you’re the one that I read your posts out load to my sleep-deprived husband about 3 months into parenthood, when our “romance” was all but lost!”

    Thanks for speakin’ the truth and being a sister! =)
    .-= Jen (Quad Mama)´s last blog ..Summer Quadyssey: Chicago Part III =-.

  10. Had to comment because I could have written this post, word for word… down to the part about the husband stealing the first body pillow. Too funny. (I use the boppy preggo one now; the original one – or should I say hubb’s – is just a really long boring rectangle one.)
    .-= Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt´s last blog ..Yeah, it’s been a while =-.

  11. Y’all have a lot of cards, but that’s what makes the post so funny!
    .-= Amy Warden´s last blog ..Olathe Farmer’s Market =-.

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