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bananaIf you have followed this blog for a period of time you know I occasionally talk about the changes we have made in the way we eat. It started almost 2 years ago when I had read and heard enough to want to make some small changes. But those small changes have added up and have become pretty major changes.

These days we shop almost exclusively from farmers. I spend very little at the grocery store. All the time I used to spend couponing I no longer do (sigh). My grocery budget has grown, but the food we buy doesn’t really go on sale. And although I have always pretty much cooked from scratch now I cook almost everything from scratch. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Silas has never known life any different. He eats pretty much everything. I made a salad last week with blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. I barely got to eat any because the kid kept stealing all my bites. And my husband is delighted that he gobbled down some sushi a few weeks back.

Hannah does pretty well with our eating changes. Like any kid she asks me why she can’t have oreos in her lunch like her classmates, but she tries a lot of new foods, in general eats her veggies, and will at least try new foods even if she ends up not liking them.

Lily on the other hand is not a fan of how we eat. After the first year she said to me, “Now that that year is over can we go back to eating normal?” She isn’t a fan of most things green (except oddly enough raw spinach), she begs for McDonalds almost weekly, and she frequently complains about what we serve it. Unless it is plain meat. That girl is a CARNIVORE!!

So it did not shock me when I had the following conversation with Lily this morning. Well it didn’t shock me, but it also didn’t stop me from laughing my head off.

Mom: Lily do you want a banana to take in the car on the way to school?

Lily: No thanks mom. I am off the health food.

Thanks for the heads up.


  1. Yeah, those couponing strategies don’t tend to work with real food but we ope to make up for it on the medical side. :)
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  2. Sally says:

    My kids were totally great with healthy food (whole wheat, natural peanut butter) until they went to school. Someone gave them some Jiffy on Wonderbread and they were hooked. Darn it all. But I still buy the whole wheat and natural stuff.

  3. I can’t say much, cause even as an adult {and one who has been eating health food for 3+ years}, I’ve often thought “Nah, I’m gonna give up this health food”. My oldest has preschool 2 days a week, and thankfully they have some pretty strict guidelines for what you can let your kids take in their lunch boxes, so she still thinks everyone eats only veggies and fruits.

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