That's an Odd Place to Keep Your Pickles

   Remember this? Well, Miss Hannah has struck again. Yet, Lily keeps wanting to take baths with her. This time, I put them in the tub and then laid down outside the bathroom door with a delightful copy of Home magazine. I look up occasionally to make sure no one has drown and that most of the water is staying in the tub (no one had and it wasn’t).

Suddenly, Lily screams “Emergency!!” On a quick side note, she has been going to Safety Town for a week so we are experiencing an even larger flair for the dramatic. The two girls jump out of the tub. How Hannah managed to scale the edge, I have no idea, but it could be because she was 5 pounds lighter than she had been a few minutes before.

Lily somehow manages to emerge unscathed and begins breathlessly recalling how it all went down.

“Mom, Hannah and I were just playing and all of a sudden she just handed me a pickle…but then I realized it wasn’t a pickle and I jumped out.”

The hubby and I of course burst into laughter at the thought of Hannah somehow producing a Vlasic out of thin air while bathing. Lily catches onto the fact that she has somehow been funny and proceeds to repeat the pickle story over and over for the next 10 minutes. I shower off the kids in the other shower and the hubby (my knight in shining armor) is once again left with the fabulous task of fishing out the poo and cleaning out the tub. He is always there to get us out of a pickle :)


  1. oh my. hilarious :) they will both be forever grateful that this story is now written down for future reading ;)

  2. Oh, how we love the bathtub emergencies. Funny!

  3. Oh wow!

    My husband (who came to find out what I was laughing so hard about) thought this was hilarious, too!

  4. That is too funny! Good thing she didn’t refer to the other commerical. Remember the one that had the little girl and dad sitting at the table….”Daddy, when are ya gonna eat that pickle?”

  5. Jackie says:

    Funny, but I wanted to vomit a little!

  6. this is the main reason I am scared to put my 11-month old in the big boy tub. we still do him in the sink. he’s never pooped in there, but I know the second we try the big boy bath it will be all over. happens to everyone.

    I LOVE the post title! :)

  7. adventuremom says:

    I am not sure I will look at pickles again without recounting your funny story! OMG!

  8. Yuck! I think most kids have a ‘pickle’ in the tub stage, but the handing it to a sibling part? Hmm..

  9. As Rachel Ray would say “Yummo!” Gagging about the pickle. Although, my sister used to have that same problem when we had to bathe together as children. I remember several tub abandonment episodes. The warm water is just so relaxing…

  10. I have yet to experience to poo in the tub, but now that I said it, I’ll have it tomorrow

  11. Hilarious. There are tears rolling down my face! Thanks for the great laugh.

  12. HAAAA!!!!

  13. LOLOLOL – that one was a great pick-me-up for a Monday morning! What a great story!

  14. I am LMAO. That is freaking hilarious!!


  16. Courtney Williams says:

    Ha! I LOVE this story!! How does Ryan always get stuck with fishing out the poop?

  17. Oh my!!! That happened to me two weeks ago. My 2 year old was bathing and my husband was watching him and there it was !!! Laying in the tub!!! My husband freaked out and I just started laughing LOL. As I was going to get something to fish it out and disinfect the tub my wonderful hubby decided to wash it down our slow bath tub drain. Well you can imagine my horror!! LOL FYI it’s clean now… But oh boy what a trip!

  18. Nicole says:

    This story is so funny. I was just putting my little man to bed – he farted and looked at me and said “diaper change”. To follow that episode up with this story – I am like a school girl just giggling. Love it.

  19. Oh, that is good! I laughed so hard!

  20. Yuck, enough said!

  21. Okay, that one could keep me laughing for awhile tonight. That is good stuff!!!

  22. Hehehe! I’ll never be able to look at pickles the same way again!

  23. I…am…crying…I know it is only a matter of time before Sophie dropa a pickle in the tub!

  24. silver says:

    My 14-month-old pooped in the tub for the first time last week. Luckily, I have him sitting on a towel in the bathtub (less slippery), so I swooped him out of the tub, and then grabbed the towel corners, getting most of the poop. But if Hannah is handing poop to her sister, I doubt a towel would help at all!

  25. way way too funny! especially since i have lived it. as most of us with young kids probably have! good story to share!

  26. Ha! You have a way of making me laugh at the most inappropriate times! Like when everyone else is asleep and I’ve just taken a swig of Lime coke . . .

  27. jesseybean says:

    *sings* Hold the pickles hold the lettuce….

  28. I love this story. Thanks for the laugh.

  29. Krysty says:

    Hilarious! Does that give more meaning to “dropping the kids off at the pool?” or “taking the Browns to the Super Bowl?” NObody has ever really specified which pool or bowl. There’s got to be a great new line for this instance…well actually, I think you penned it quite well.
    Very funny…so did you finish reading your Home magazine while Ryan was cleaning up?

  30. A pickle?! Lol. Thanks for participating in Make Me Laugh Monday.

  31. Hahahaha!!!! Oh man, our Hannahs seem very similar. Mine loves pooping in the tub. But my hubby does not love cleaning it out ( and has only done it once, when I said I wasn’t going to and that the poop would stay till he cleaned).
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