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I am in a groove. The beginning of the school year was a little brutal and frankly kicked my butt a little bit. As our kids get older and get busier we are having to learn the fine balancing act of letting them get involved and discover their passions while protecting our family time.

Ryan and I seem to like being busy as well. We are both involved in our school, community and church a fair amount. But we are learning to say no as well. And we are realizing that sometimes no doesn’t feel so bad. Ultimately we are just happier being a five-some then doing just about anything else.

I am getting in a house cleaning groove (well as good at it is gonna get for me around these parts). I am trying to tackle a baking project every day to keep our food as homemade as possible and love looking in the fridge and pantry and seeing very little that was bought from the store. I am even finding time to read books and magazines again. Oh how I missed that.

Our kids seem to be thriving as well. I feel like I am getting good one on one time with each of them which has always eluded me a bit in the past. And maybe it is just their ages, or their stages or the phases of the moon, but dang!! I just love being their mom right now.

There are some things coming on the horizon. And I can’t tell you about a single one of them right now. But I know change is coming. So I want to savor every moment of these sweet times. So as the busy, busy holiday season comes up I need to keep saying no when I need to. Especially to that pesky never ending to do list that gets in the way of extra snuggles.

I know everything around me is pretty much screaming at me to skip right over Thanksgiving and head right into Christmas. But as much as I love the magic of everything Christmas THIS season, I am all about being thankful.

Disclosure: I am not writing this to say, “Look, my life is so awesome.” But as a reminder to myself to be thankful during the moments of good so that when I have moments like this I can reflect on the great moments too.


  1. I love when things are just flowing like that. What recipes do you use for snacks for kids?
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  2. Great post. Love it

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