Tonight I tucked Lily in for the last time as child with only one digit in her age. I cannot believe it. I started to tell her the story of her birth ten years ago and I got so choked up I had to stop. I barely remember life before I was a mom. And Lily made me a mom. I love all my kiddos so much. But before Lily, I wasn’t a mom. She will always get that honor.

Lily- you have stretched me and grown me not just as a mom but as a person. We are so alike my dear girl. You look like a mini-me and my frustrations with you are so often over things that you are simply mirroring back to me.

But you are a wise soul. And watching you handle tough situations with amazing maturity and grace beyond your years I often just sit on the sidelines and watch in awe. And then you do something ridiculously childish and I remember that you are just a kid after all. Sometimes I forget that and am way to hard on you. For that I am sorry.

I love that you can always be found with a book in your hand. I love that your face lights up when you talk about the book you are reading. I love to listen to you tinker around on the piano or your new violin. And I love listening to you sing even through you are too shy to do so in front of me often. I love your sense of style and love shopping together. We could be a dangerous shopping duo. You will need to get a job soon to support your shoe habit.

You are a beautiful girl my Lily. On the outside which scares me. And on the inside which brings me joy. May your next decade be as fabulous as your first. Thanks for making me a mama and letting me make so many mistakes along the way. And for always giving me another chance to do it better. Love you to pieces.


  1. Grace, you are a “10” in all senses of the word. Betcha will have a great year being 10!

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