Ten Ways to Stay Sane During a Snow Day


Are you one of the millions of moms being driven insane by the Christmas break that never ends. I’ll admit that today I was okay with a snow day. We were under the delusion that more family time in pajamas trapped in our house was a good thing. But today the rose colored glasses have officially COME OFF. Now even the kids are begging for the snow days to end. And I think we have all reached total clarity on the fact that people who homeschool are insane (just kidding if you homeschool…… a little……….).

If you like me have completely run out of ideas to keep your kids entertained and yourself sane I have rounded up a few snow day ideas for you. Mostly indoor since it is so cold your face might freeze off if you even go out to get the mail. #polarvortex But I will throw in a few outdoor ones for those of you that are hardcore.

Here are 10 + great ideas for any snow day:


1. I have lived in the midwest my whole life and have never made Snow Ice Cream. Rectifying that tomorrow. (recipe and photo courtesy of 4Tunate)


2. Make these colored “glass” balloons (photo and tutorial courtesy of hurrayic)


3. Make frozen snow bubbles (photo and idea courtesy of 101 Picture Books)

4. Have an indoor snowball fight (love this idea from All For The Boys)

5. Keep this adorable snowman kit handy and build an epic snowman (find a HUGE list of snow day activities in addition to this one over at GR Kids)

6. The SITS girls show you how to easily make Snow Paint. The applications are ENDLESS!


7. Make this adorable marshmallow snowman craft (picture and tutorial via No Time For Flash Cards)

8. Water gun + Boiling Water = Awesome (if you don’t have a gun just throw a cup of boiling water and you get a less cool effect)

9. Make up some easy hot chocolate mix (photo and recipe courtesy of I Heart Eating)

10. Here are a bunch more ideas from House of Hills and Deals in the Mitten and GR Kids in case it is noon and you have tried all these already.


Or cut yourself some slack, pop in a movie or video game and rest with a magazine while your kid’s brains turn to mush. Fingers crossed tomorrow they’ll be back at school soaking up all sorts of good stuff to make up for it.


How do you survive a snow day?




  1. Thanks for adding our snowball fight to your list. I wish we had some real snow to play in (just for a few hours)
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