Ten Uses for Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut everything is all the rage. I love big flakes of raw coconut in my cooking. I gave coconut water a try and wanted to barf. And I have had a jar of coconut oil in my cupboard for about 6 months but never even cracked it open. The hubby has a mild coconut allergy so I have always been nervous about cooking with it. But did you know there are a ton of other ways to use it? I rounded up a few ideas for this amazing fruit (yes it is a fruit, not a nut)

  1. Makeup Remover: This was actually the inspiration for this post. I ran out of my usual makeup remover (I have been making my own for a few years) and didn’t have all the stuff to make more. I remembered I had read that coconut oil removes makeup so I gave it a try. Hands down the easiest makeup remover ever. Even tough mascara came right off. I now keep a jar in my bathroom.
  2. Lotion: Since it is already in your bathroom, you can use it on your rough spots. I use it especially on my elbows and feet and it makes everything incredibly soft. I even use it as a chapstick! Plus no weird ingredients (have you read the ingredients in lotion lately? Oy vey!!)
  3. Shaving: Shaving cream is stupid expensive. Sometimes I use conditioner instead, but that seems pricey too. Coconut oil to the rescue. It leaves my legs feeling AMAZING.
  4. Heal a sunburn: Of course the best thing is to not get sunburned in the first place. Bonus: did you know that coconut oil has natural sun protection in it? How cool is that? Anywho, if you manage to get yourself burnt (as I did last week) coconut oil has soothing and healing properties.
  5. Cradle Cap: Hannah had bad cradle cap. I think I used olive oil on it. But coconut oil would have smelled so much better. Simply massage into head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth. Problem solved. 
  6. Oil Pulling: Have you heard of this? I am curious, but haven’t tried it yet because I am so afraid it is going to make me gag. Are you on the oil pulling train? It is supposed to be amazing for dental health, gum health, teeth whitening and tooth pain.
  7. Diaper Cream: Thanks GOODNESS I don’t have to worry about this anymore. No kids in diapers over here. WOOT! But I read that it heals diaper rash quickly and naturally. Give it a try.
  8. Cooking: Use it in place of butter or olive oil when sauteing, stir frying or even baking. And certainly stop using vegetable oil. It does better under high temperatures than most other oils. And I always worried that it would give things a coconut-ty flavor but it doesn’t.
  9. In Your Smoothies: Throw a spoonful in your smoothies! Coconut oil has been shown to reduce cholesterol and belly fat and boost metabolism. Who wouldn’t love that? Rumor has it, it is also yummy in coffee in the morning (I don’t drink coffee so I can’t tell you).
  10. Hair care: Use as a leave in conditioner. Or use on the ends of your hair to tame split ends or frizz. Don’t overuse or it will make your hair greasy. But this time a year we could all use some frizz control.

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