Ten Things I Stuffed in My Weekend- Top Ten Tuesday

Alternately titled: Why I Am So Dang Tired

top-ten-tuesday This weekend was PACKED. Mostly full of fun, but even a whole lotta fun just wears me out!! So let’s recap shall we?

  1. Girls Night Out: Let’s start on Thursday night because I enjoyed an awesome GNO eating yummy food and drinking yummy wine. Yes it was my anniversary, but my wonderful hubby let me go out for our monthly dinner on the town. This is why I keep him around.
  2. Garage Sale: I had the mother of all garage sales. Well it was pretty big considering almost all the stuff was mine. I am getting rid of everything that isn’t nailed down. How is it possible that a human being can accumulate so much stuff? It is like it breeds when I am not looking. Especially considering I had a substantial garage sale last year. It is shameful. But I made a good chunk of change to buy more stuff with so that is the upside Winking smile
  3. Family Time: My brother, sister in law and niece came in for the weekend and it is always awesome to spend time with my family. I might be biased (although I don’t think so) but I have the best family on the planet.
  4. Garage Sale (again): Ryan decided he wanted to man the garage sale on Sat. morning to see if we could get rid of any more stuff. We really didn’t but that is because nearly all the good stuff went on Friday. It was worth a shot. We immediately boxed up everything and called a truck to come haul it away. Dang it that feels good.
  5. Frantic Cleaning: While Ryan handled the garage sale (and I pawned the kids of on the grandparents) I went to town on the house. Well the main floor of the house as I prayed that no one would go upstairs. Because in a few hours most of Hannah’s little classmates were coming over for a very important 5th birthday (more on that in a minute)
  6. Frantic Cake Making: When I was growing up my mom always made our cakes. I honestly have vague memories of actual birthday parties, but I remember a ton of my cakes. They always had some special significance to what was going on in life or the theme of the party. So I like doing the same thing. This year Hannah requested a butterfly cake. I had a plan but of course on of the cakes wouldn’t come out of the pan and became a crumbly mess. My mom came over to help with the rescue mission and I think the cake turned out pretty cute. What do you think?
  7. Birthday Party: We invited Hannah’s whole preschool class and it was a BLAST. We had a clown who did face painting, balloon animals and a few magic tricks. I didn’t plan a whole lot but just kind of let the kids run amok in the backyard. Which seemed to suit everyone very well. We don’t do a lot of big parties for our kid’s birthdays so this one was truly very special.
  8. Family BBQ: After all the kids left we kept the family around for burgers and hot dogs. Super low key, but we always have a good time together. At one point I just looked around and marveled at our blessings.
  9. Marriage Prep: The last class of the spring. We always have a panel of married couples and this one might have been our best. I even found myself learning a thing or two. It is so great to be able to be part of this ministry. It keeps me and Mr. Diaper Diaries honest.
  10. Cooking Club: I have always wanted to be in a cooking club and a few months back I suggested it to my friend Heather and she was on board. We meet once a month and cook “real, whole” foods with a theme. This month was Indian food which is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I made some naan and a lentil dip to go with it. I am so proud!

Whew!! Are you tired reading it? Cause I got tired all over again writing it. So thankful this weekend is a holiday one without a whole lot on the calendar but relaxing time. I’ve earned it don’t you think?

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  1. That sounds like a great weekend!! We actually are doing a garage sale soon and whatever doesn’t go will get donated. No more will I have useless stuff in my house :)

    I love the idea of a cooking club and have been toying with the idea of putting one together. This summer is super busy but I could aim for the fall. Have lots of fun with your Indian night.
    Steph recently posted…Show your manners!My Profile

  2. Wow you have been super busy. Now go relax ;). I can’t imagine tackling a garage sale, they sound like so much work. It must be freeing though, to get rid of some of your stuff.

    Up here, I finally made our garden. Now I can keep up with weeding :).
    Miranda recently posted…Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Lost All The Baby WeightMy Profile

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