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My kids love swimming. The gym we have a membership to has a pool and we spend a lot of time there in the summer. They splash around in the shallow end, play in the fountains and jump in where they can touch. Lily can swim through my legs, jump off the side and dog paddle for short distances. Hannah can swim with help but won’t really go under and heaven help you if you let go of her. Silas is just happy being anywhere near the water.

We have taken lessons off and on with the kids since they were practically babies. But progress was crazy slow and I was frustrated paying for them to make such little progress. And they both fully believed they could swim!!

I had heard about this woman called the “swim nazi” (although now I have discovered there are two). She can teach your child to swim in a few lessons people told me. Your kids will cry but it will happen. I was skeptical, but tired of having clingers at the pool. I wanted to be like those moms who lounged on the side with a magazine while their kids swam like little fish (I guess in that scenario Silas is reading a magazine next to me).

Well consider me a convert!! Lily, although she already knew how to swim, is doing strokes and learning breathing techniques. I can’t even believe what has happened with Hannah. The progress is amazing.

Yesterday when we got in the pool and the teacher told her to put her face in the water Hannah started to whimper. When she forced her to put her face under and swim Hannah was crying and begging me to let her out. The teacher is forceful but gentle at the same time. And she makes sure the kids keep trying through their protests and refuses to let them say that they can’t do it.

Now these lessons are about 15 minutes long. And they last 3 days. Today was day two. Although Hannah had one day under her belt, there was still a lot of crying and begging to get out of the pool. But by the end of day 2 I watched Hannah jump into one side of the pool and swim to the other side without stopping or taking her face out of the water. Now who was in tears. Her proud mommy that is who.

I realize many of my readers don’t live anywhere near me, but if you do, I can’t recommend Julie’s Swim School enough. She also operates her lessons out of her Arizona home so maybe that will work for you. I am paying for these classes completely by myself, but wanted you to know about them. This post is submitted to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


  1. Just starting to look into swim lessons for my 2. I’ve heard from a friend how slow it seems with her own kids… Wondering what we will come up with.
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  2. When my kids were younger, I enrolled them in swim lessons from a former Olympic swimmer who teaches lesson in the summer and has several swim teams for competition through the school year with school age kids. He is incredibly tough, patient, and gets results. I can’t remember if we went once a week for a few weeks or every day for a few weeks. I found the lessons were a necessity as one was so NOT afraid of the water and took all kinds of chances – whether she could swim or not, and the other was more than happy to wait for his floaties to be attached to his arms and an inner tube around his waist. Thankfully they both did wonderful, and while they are no where near Olympic status, they learned and love being in the water now.
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