Sunday Chat. On Monday. Cause That’s How I Roll

So re-entry is hard y’all. Not only did I leave gorgeous sunny Florida, but I came home to a blizzard, single digit temps and a snow day. Yowza. Thankfully the sun followed me home so at least it wasn’t dreary. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a day of laziness surrounded by my kiddos I missed so dearly. But by 5 pm I was all “Why on earth isn’t it bedtime yet? I’m exhausted!!”

I’ve been a bit secretive, both on the blog and in my real life, about why I was in Florida. I’m actually really excited to share but I need to get a few things into place first. God only knows when I will actually get those things into place. But when they do you all will be in the loop. If you are a praying person, I would love some prayers for direction and guidance as I transition from stay at home mom to worker bee.

I was telling my husband last week that I never really felt all the competent in my career before kiddos. Probably why I’m not much of a “career woman.” I couldn’t wait to be a wife and a mom and I feel like I’m really good at it. I mean not all the time. I question what on earth I am doing to mess up my children every single day. But in general, I feel like this is who I should be. So to step out into the unknown into something I have no idea I will be good at is terrifying. If only school tuition magically paid itself I would continue this gig as long as I could…..

So to sum up, Florida was amazing. My mom ended up joining me and that was really special mother-daughter time for us. Also, I learned to many things that weren’t at all what I went to learn. It is funny how that works sometimes. God really just showed up in a million ways big and small. I’m still processing all of that goodness. To be continued…..


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