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I’m back! Sorry for the unexplained absence. It wasn’t because I don’t have anything to say. It is actually just the opposite. God is just speaking to me in so many ways and I am processing. So much to say but I honestly can’t find the words. Although if you wanted to meet me for coffee I could probably talk your ear off (although I’m not sure that is any different from normal….)

Last week was spent playing catch up after a week on spring break. Of course I don’t feel near caught up, but at least we are finally unpacked and the laundry is done. Although I must confess the pile has grown again as life just doesn’t seem to stop throwing laundry your way. I need a laundry fairy.

I had all the feels last week over my “not even close to a baby anymore” Silas. He lost his second tooth, had a Kindergarten visit, and was my adorable date to our school’s mother-son bowling party. I don’t know why I am having such a hard time with this boy growing up but OY VEY!! It could be because at the mother-son bowling party he really wanted to have a lane with “just us”. And every time he or I had a good frame he would run towards me, leap into my arms and give me a huge hug or kiss. Sigh. That kid has me so very wrapped around his finger.

I also had some sweet one on one time with each of my girls last week. I am so in love with the girls they are and are becoming. We had a family night at the local hockey game and at one point I just was overwhelmed with my little family. I looked at Ryan and said, “Can you believe our life?” The best part is when these feelings come during the mundane parts. Sometimes ordinary really is the best.

Now lest you think it is all sunshine and unicorns around these parts, our late night last night meant some extreme bouts of “she hit me!!” “well she said I was stupid” “well I just hate everyone in this family!!!” Doors slamming, hysterics abounding, God help me prayers sent up. But thankfully that was all interspersed with some sweet moments of cooperation and snuggles. These are the days. And I love them even when I don’t.

How’s life in your neck of the woods?


  1. I feel your pain. One of my babies is turning 40! Did you mean mother/son??

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