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So I think I might be having a midlife crisis. I suddenly cannot deal with my kids getting older.

Silas lost his first tooth this weekend. A minor milestone, but it is just another reminder that my baby is getting older. I skipped his Kindergarten orientation last week because if I don’t go it won’t happen right? Sigh. I should probably also stop calling him my baby…..

If this is any indication of how I will handle the empty nest years I think it is safe to say I might need to be sedated.

It makes me laugh how different my kids are despite being raised in the same house. I know this isn’t rocket science, but is always fun to see just how different they will handle things. When Lily lost her first tooth we weren’t allowed to touch it at all or hysterics would ensue. It eventually fell out while she was eating and she had to write the tooth fairy a lengthy letter describing what had happened.

Hannah also had a lot of drama about touching her tooth. We kept trying to pull it but she was having none of that. The thing was basically spinning around in her mouth by the time it fell out. It was so gross.

Silas has been working on loosening his tooth for a week. I told him today it looked like it was probably ready to be pulled and he said no. So I dropped it. Five minutes later he casually strolls in the room opens his mouth and gives me a big grin. One tooth is missing. Apparently he just walked upstairs, yanked out his tooth and walked back down. He cracks me up.

So the hubby and I just tooth fairied our last first tooth. Can someone pass the wine?

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