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Any Michigan State fans out there? Today’s loss was just BRUTAL. Ugh. Thankful they got a 7 seed and will hopefully do well in the tournament. I am a Michigan State fan because my hubby is a graduate from there. I actually graduated from the awesome Augustana College which is a Division III school. We are in the final four!! So I am cheering them on as well. Do you follow March Madness? I must admit I get sucked in every year. Football is my first love. I wish they did a tournament like March Madness. Although I would probably lose my mind so maybe it is for the best.

The weather here has finally turned glorious. To any of my southern readers you probably find 50s cold, but our streets are packed with kids riding bikes, no one is wearing coats anymore and I even saw a few people in shorts. Our winter is long and freezing so we take anything we can get and go crazy. Even our dog has an extra spring in his step when he heads outside. We all have spring fever for sure.


What 45 degrees looks like at my kid’s school’s recess

I also washed and put away all the winter snow gear this weekend. I realize that is totally asking for a blizzard in April, but I am washing my hands of winter. Our ten day forecast looks glorious and I am pretending spring is here to stay. I am like the girlfriend standing in front of Michigan telling him that if he loves me he will not snow again. We’ll see if we are meant to stand the test of time. Don’t make me quit you Michigan!

This week I have Kindergarten orientation for Silas. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??!! I continue to struggle with the fact that my baby is going off to Kindergarten next year. He is so ready. Like he is already talking about it constantly and can’t wait. Sigh. Time is just flying by and I can’t seem to do anything to stop it. There are so many awesome things about the ages my kids are right now. Honestly, so many things. But I would like a little magic pill to freeze them all for a little bit longer. Anyone got one?

What’s new in your neck of the woods?




  1. Oh good – I’m not the only one who tempted fate by cleaning all the snow pants and shoving them deep into the coat closet!!! My son asked if he could wear shorts to school if it got up to 50 last week. Hee hee. We even hit 70 something in Indiana over the weekend, but are back down below 50 now. C’mon spring! And you know, March Madness time is usually ice storm time here…

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