Sunday Chat

Well. I have fallen off my #minimallent wagon. I have actually implemented some great habits, but I keep forgetting about it and so consistency has been a bit of a problem. But last week I had a day of re-evaluating priorities and another of no complaining (eek). I also cleaned out two closets and threw out a pile of stuff. So it is working its way into my lifestyle instead of just being a novelty thing. That was the point so I guess it is still successful.

Last week Silas’ preschool had its Mother’s Tea. It was a super cute day of getting dressed up and having an adorable little program at school. I took Silas on a date before hand and it was just precious time. With him heading to full time school next year I am just soaking up every possible moment. Five year old boys are just the best. We have a blast together.

Friday night I had a much needed girl’s night out with some old friends I don’t see anymore. We laughed so much and it is always a good thing when you spend time with other moms in the same phase of life. There was a lot of “YES!! ME TOO!!” which I think is the greatest gift women can give each other.

Let’s take a minute to discuss how stupid the time change is (thank goodness today wasn’t the no complaining challenge). Everyone was a mess today. My kids are older so in theory it shouldn’t affect them as much. But there were so many meltdowns and dramas today. And not just from the kids. Ryan and I were a hot mess too. Now it is 9:30 and I can’t figure out why I am exhausted because technically it is only 8:30. I can’t even. Why on earth is this a thing???!!!!

Anyway, not much to report on my end (yet I still blog). Insanely busy week ahead but all is well because we are supposed to be in the 40s all week. Maybe even the 50s. It is a bit sad when we get so excited for it, but that is just the kind of long, never-ending winter we have had. Bring on the spring!!!

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