Sunday Chat

Apparently I forgot to hit publish last night (such a blogging pro) so enjoy this Sunday chat….. on Monday…….

Well last week was a whirlwind. Ryan was traveling at the beginning of the week which always makes it a little bit Lord of the Flies around here. We have gotten pretty good at surviving but it isn’t always pretty.

Actually my favorite part was Tuesday night. Our only TV is in the basement and we don’t allow eating in front of the television. Except for rare occasions when we break out the TV and have a fun movie night. My girls begged to watch The King and I (Yul Brenner version) and I am not one to ever turn down a musical. We sang a long, I cried an ugly cry, the kids thought I was a weirdo. It was perfect.

Wednesday we had a super fun blogging event at our local Chuck E. Cheese (more on that tomorrow). My sister was husbandless with her two kids so I invited her along and the kids played games for several hours and amassed enough tickets to buy a few pieces of candy lol. They had so much fun and I love, love, LOVE that my kids are growing up near their cousins.

On Thursday night, Silas earned his blue belt in karate. He started karate back in October and has loved it so much. He is always kicking and punching his way around the house and talking about being a ninja. I love how much discipline they require of the kids during their lessons and feel like it is carrying over a bit into normal life. I must admit I kind of want to take some classes too. I feel like there might be an inner ninja in me waiting to come out.

This weekend I went to an IF: Local gathering at a friends church and left so inspired. Have any of you participated? I knew it would be awesome just by the speaker line up but had no idea how impactful it would be. I need to read back through my notes this week and figure out exactly what God wants me to do with everything I learned, but I am already seeing that he went before me and laid some groundwork in place. He is good like that.

I came home last night and we were all ready to head to church when we discovered our water heater was leaking everywhere in our basement. Thank goodness we even went down there to check on laundry or we wouldn’t have noticed it until much later and things would have been ruined. You know what isn’t fun? Calling an emergency plumber on the weekend and having to shell out a GIANT wad of cash on a new water heater. Sometimes being an adult sucks.

That seems like an incredibly downer way to wrap up a pretty good week so I will leave you with this. Because nothing makes everything better like baby giggles:

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