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I am writing this while on hold with AAA for the 3rd time trying to get Ryan’s car towed. So that should give you a bit of an idea about how my night is going…..

Ryan’s car started acting funny today as we were driving to church to start a new session of marriage prep classes. This is like our 12th year teaching and it is still one of our favorite things to do. It keeps us honest in our own marriage and we hopefully are making a difference in many marriages that come through our class. It is mind blowing we have been doing it this long and someone still thinks we know what we are talking about.

We managed to get the car back home after class but it was way overheating. In temperatures that are well below zero that can’t possibly be a good thing. Clearly I know a lot about cars. We drove down to his dad’s house to get his spare car and then rewarded ourselves for all the drama by stopping for burgers, tater tots and milkshakes at Sonic. The kids now wish the car broke down more often. My stomach? Not so much.

Last night we celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday. We stayed out until 1 in the morning which is clearly the mark of people who are old and forget how we are really not capable of functioning after staying up that late. Still I am a little bit proud of myself that I can still party like a youngun. If partying like a youngun means drinking only 2 glasses of wine and constantly asking Ryan why it was so loud at the party.

The rest of the week was spent reading (If I Stay, Where She Went and The Antelope in the Living Room). Clearly they were all pretty short, easy reads. I may or may not have also completely neglected any sort of household duties not limited to laundry, dishes, meal preparation, and general child rearing. They seem to all still be alive so I’d say reading was a good choice.

This week holds exciting promises like taxes, getting the dog’s nails clipped, school recess duty and a doctor’s appointment. Clearly my life is looking a lot more “40” than I care to admit.

What’s new in your world?


  1. You are a rockstar for helping out with school recess duty! That is the most maligned duty of the teachers at our school. My current required duty is standing by the door in the 2nd/3rd grade hallway and making sure nobody runs out the door at bus dismissal time. So, pretty much the easiest job of anyone in the school. ;)
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    • It is really fun except for the freezing cold part. I love that our school has a lot of parents on volunteer duty so the teachers only have to do one a week. This week we might be in for inside recess because it is so freaking cold here. That is the best because you jus roam the halls and occasionally peek in classrooms to make sure no one is bleeding ;)

  2. Shelley says:

    I wonder if there will be school because of the cold….breeder!

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