Sunday Chat

You know what a good blogger would do? They would create a cute little “Sunday Chat” graphic since they were planning on making these a regular thing. But since I am a mediocre blogger, you just get my ramblings graphic free.

This weekend might go down on record as one of the laziest weekends in the history of mankind. We all needed it. We laid around a lot. Played a little too much on the computer (okay a lot too much). I polished off a book (and the latest US Weekly #keepinitreal). And I slept in until ridiculous hours.

I DID get a few loads of laundry done. Made it to church (so I actually got dressed #showeroptional). Kept 3 human beings alive (plus a dog). Well when I write it down like that it is rather pathetic. But I don’t care in the least. It was GLORIOUS!!

This past Friday was our school’s first Daddy Daughter dance. I got my girls all gussied up (they looked adorable), my hubby put on a suit and tie and took them out for a dinner date. Then they were the first to arrive because they couldn’t wait to GET THEIR DANCE ON!! It was so fun to hear about how much fun they had. I am so very grateful they have such an amazing dad to show them the kind of man they should aspire to marry.

I took the opportunity to take my little man on a date of our own. We went out for dinner and ice cream. I learned awesome gems like when he grows up he wants to be a scientist that makes potions, if he was a superhero he would want his superpower to be invisibility, and that his favorite karate move is a flying dragon kick. I also got a VERY detailed explanation of what balls were.

It is so important to spend time one on one with our kids. I forget it sometimes because honestly it is a lot of work to negotiate schedules and carve out time. But I am rewarded every single time. It is especially important for me with Lily who is in those crazy tween years and is my most introverted kid. She really opens up when it is just the two of us hanging and I am well aware that my time with her is limited.

Tonight I will be curled up on the couch watching (and tweeting) the Grammys. Cause tweeting award shows is always my happy place. Then it is on another week with a to do list to tackle.

What’s new with you this week?

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