Sunday Chat

So Ryan was gone in London all week. LIKE ALL WEEK. Today was day 5 and I kid you not, we were still in pajamas at noon, Hannah’s goodie bag of candy from a birthday party yesterday constituted breakfast, and the kids spent more time in front of screens than should ever be allowed. But we made it. We are survivors. (Costco pizza for dinner in front of the TV on paper plates survivors….. but survivors)

Last week was especially crazy because everything seemed to suddenly get put on the schedule last week. We had a field trip, a concert, a baseball game where Hannah’s class sang the national anthem, a birthday party, a piano recital, oh an all the other normal lessons and things that happen from week to week. It got a little dicey there from time to time, but we made every event semi-on time and all in one piece. Whew.

So while I was spinning a million plates in the air, Ryan was gallivanting around England. On an expense account. And I am not the least bit jealous or bitter. Not. The. Least. (keep repeating until it is true). We would have loved for me to tag along, especially since it is our anniversary next week, but it just didn’t work out. It is actually a good thing it didn’t because asking the grandparents to step in and handle all of last week would have been insanity. So instead I will just remind Ryan quite frequently how much I did while he was gone and guilt him into giving me extra foot rubs and ice cream. In the end we all win really.

Next week is hardly any different, but I am happy to have someone to split the load with. School is winding down and with that comes millions of class parties and teacher’s gifts and craziness. Throw in an anniversary, 4 family birthdays and a holiday and it just makes for a whole pile of insanity. But it is the absolute best kind of crazy because it means a great school year is coming to a close and a whole bunch of people get to celebrate another year on planet earth. I can look at the next few weeks and resent the busy or look at it as one long party. It is all a matter of perspective.

I love this little life of mine.


  1. I love your little life too. :) Great perspective.
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