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Have I mentioned how crazy May is. Holy cow, how do I forgot every year? It is like childbirth I guess. You have to forget or you would pull your kids out of school in April and just be done with it. Come to think of it…..

It is funny when I look back over last weeks calendar it doesn’t look so bad. It actually looks a lot like most other weeks. But something about May just puts everything on hyperspeed. I don’t know why it seems so overwhelming.

Last week I hosted a little party on Thursday night (more about that tomorrow). This, of course, means I cleaned the house. Anyone else have kids that ask who is coming over when you start cleaning like crazy. I can rock parenting and cooking as a homemaker, but keeping things spic and span is not my forte. But whenever I have people over and look around I always think, dang, this isn’t so bad. Someday I’ll get my crap together.

Saturday we spent the whole morning at a retreat for a ministry team we are part of at church. The learning part was fine, but we spent a good hour cooking together in a commercial kitchen. Roasted tomato soup, Caesar salad and a brie and chicken grilled sandwich. I love cooking with groups of people. You get to have the most interesting conversations while you are preparing food. I wish there were more opportunities in life to do this. Or maybe I need to start a cooking club. Clearly I need a few more things on my plate.

Saturday night we went to see a choir from Uganda. Once again I reminded of how pure the joy of Christ is so often displayed in those who have very little material possessions. Yet here we are in America surrounded by every possible comfort and we can’t seem to find happiness. Kind of makes you want to sell everything, donate all the money and live a more meaningful existence. Anyone else feel that tension?

And that brings us to today. I keep my expectations for Mother’s Day in check because I am still raising relatively young ones and they can’t possibly pamper me all day long. It is a success when I get some sweet homemade cards and a few extra snuggles. We ended up inviting all the moms in the family over for lunch. Ryan cooked and cleaned so it was heavenly. So good to have all the moms in one place and looking around to see how many wonderful women I have in my life to show me what motherhood looks like.

We ended the day as our own little family again. Popcorn for dinner and Back to the Future on for family movie night. Ryan and I forgot just how much language there was in the movie (yowza), but the kids loved it and it is always fun to talk to the kids about how things were “in the olden days”. Of course that included the olden days of 1985. We also spend time wondering why there aren’t flying cars yet.

I know Mother’s Day isn’t an easy holiday for everyone. But I hope you felt loved and appreciated by the people in your life. And I hope you took the time to tell your mom or a mother figure in your life how much they have impacted you. If not, it isn’t too late. Call them now!

What is new in your neck of the woods?

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