Sunday Chat

Once again the end of the school year is trying to kill me. Raise your hand if you are feeling the same. Oy vey!! The calendar is ugly my friends.

Last week we had Fine Arts night at our school. It is probably my favorite event there because all the kids art work for the year is plastering every wall. Our kid’s have the most amazing art teacher and seeing it all from preschool through 8th really makes me realize what a great school they go to. The sixth graders work really hard on a project all semester detailing the country of their choice. Lily got to have it on display with all her classmates and it was really fun to see it all come to fruition.

Friday I went to my naturopath for a check up and took a moment to reflect on how much my health has changed in the past year. I spend too many years absolutely exhausted and thinking it was just a normal side affect of parenting. It was my struggles with depression and anxiety that caused me to seek out treatment. And after a few rounds of doctors without answers I ended up in a place that finally gave me the answers I had been craving. I’m still not fully healed but am so much closer than I was before. Grabbed this book at the library and am excited to dive in.

We finished off the week with a dinner at friends. And then I served on the worship team this weekend. I am gearing up for another really busy week and need to hit the hay. Sorry things aren’t more exciting in these parts. What is going on in your world?

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