bearded-woman.jpg  Today, I went to get a pedicure at a little Asian salon that I love. While I was there, I recalled that I was well overdue for an eyebrow wax (I was beginning to look like I was housing 2 fuzzy caterpillars above my eyes). The lady starts to wax my brows and asks,

Will you be getting your lip waxed today also?”

Excellent salesmanship.


  1. goodideamomma says:

    How nice of her to notice!

  2. LOL – I have gotten asked that as well. Good to hear someone else has experienced this – I was thinking that my upper lip must’ve been amazingly overly hairy or something (…ok, it probably was!) ;-) I do break down and wax my lip about every other time though. The pain is worth it :-)

  3. cleaver mama says:

    What teh h, e, double hockey sticks? There is a boost for the self confidence.

  4. LOL!!
    I’ve never had waxing of any sort done and I’m definitely not planning on it.

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