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I am sure you all have been sitting around DYING to know about the results of the survey you took last week . Ok so maybe not, but I just wanted to address a few things and then we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

First of all, 81 of you took the survey. I am blown away by how many of you took the time to help me out. I can’t say enough how much I love my readers, but this has confirmed it. You guys rock.

Second, a majority of you are subscribers but a big chunk of you aren’t. So I would be a bad blogger if I didn’t remind you that you can get The Diaper Diaries delivered to your inbox or reader every day by signing up here. (Subtle, aren’t I?)

One of my goals I made after Blissdom is to be more interactive on my Facebook page. I really want it to be an extension of the blog, but also a place for the DD community to interact.  Half of you already follow me over there, but the rest of you might want to check it out. Or if you want to follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, that would be awesome too.

So now to the meat of the survey. What you love, what you don’t love so much. You love personal stories, hearing about my life as a mom, and tips. You love the “real” me (you like me, you really like me!!). A few of you want to hear more about my food journey to clean eating. Someone said they love my rambling. Whoever that is I just want to give a big old hug. Cause I can ALWAYS give you rambling.

I am not at all surprised by what you want less of. Sponsored posts. Although when I asked if you thought the balance was ok the majority said yes. I am glad you recognize I am trying to find balance there. So here is the net out of all your feedback (which I completely took to heart).

If you haven’t noticed already I am doing way fewer product reviews. I have always chosen my product reviews based on products I already use or knew I would enjoy using, but I still know people don’t enjoy reading them much. If I do them in the future it will be a product I truly think you can’t live without. They will be few and far between.

The sponsored posts that will continue are the ones where I am free to write about things I want to talk about that just happen to be sponsored by a company. I know everyone doesn’t love those either but know the content of those posts is still 100% genuine and I just use the topic as kind of a writing prompt.

For instance when I wrote about becoming a foster parent, that was something I had been waiting to tell you but then found a way to work it into a sponsored post opportunity. I know some of you found that to be disingenuous but to me that is the best of blogging. Getting to write something I care about and getting sponsored to do so.

That being said, I am trying to limit sponsored content to just the best opportunities. So I will do my best to keep a balance while still making a little money for my family. Hopefully you will continue to feel I seek a good balance. And if you don’t, feel free to call me out on it (in a nice way).

A few last things. A few of you hoped I would interact more in the comments. It is something I am working on, but it is hard to stay on top of as life gets busier. I am also hoping we can do more interacting over on Facebook. Also I hope that the many of you that said you loved my marriage posts continue to support For Better And Worse. While I will always love The Diaper Diaries, marriage is definitely a passion of mine and I love sharing that passion over there.

I loved reading your comments and truly felt so loved and appreciated. Even in your constructive criticism which was given with such grace. Hopefully 2012 will be the best year yet for our little piece of the blogosphere! Thanks again for all your help.


  1. I didn’t get a chance to do the survey. You posted it right when I started limiting my internet time. That time is still limited. I’ll admit I’m happy that you are going to be writing fewer sponsored posts, or choosing them more selectively. I have always appreciated your ability to make those posts relatable and not commercial, but I definitely like knowing you’re going to be even more mindful of that. I will go and like your FB page momentarily. And I don’t read 4BorW (my own abbreviation) everyday, but I try to. Marriage is something close to my heart as well and I love reading the encouraging words of others. I’m hoping to be writing more about that in the future, maybe.
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