State of the Blog (Plus a Survey and a Pretty Please)

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How is it possible that I have been blogging 4 1/2 years and never done a “State of the Blog” address? It kinda seems like it should be a yearly thing. Also 4 1/2 years! How is that even possible?

Back when I started blogging I had no idea about traffic and SEO and PageRank (come to think of it, I still don’t). There was no Twitter, Facebook business pages or Pinterest. Back in ye olden days, you just wrote stuff and then your mom commented.

Then other people started commenting. And coming back. Low and behold I had readers. Then subscribers. Then Twitter followers and Facebook fans. I had community.

That is the best and biggest surprise about blogging. Finding all of you. My friends who live in the computer.

I write for me. I write because after 4 1/2 years of writing I have found I have to write. But I also write for you. And so it only seems right that when I want to make some changes I make sure my community buys in.

Way back when I started blogging, I loved blogging every day. And I loved blogging in a scheduled fashion. I have tried some different carnivals and a few have stood the test of time. I even started my own carnival after a few years of writing a Things I Love Thursday post, I invited you all to join me.

But here is the thing. I am starting to hate the schedule. I am starting to write things that I don’t want to write just to keep up my routine. And I am starting to “force” content just to get a post up. I feel like I disappoint you when I don’t post every day. And while I realize that is most likely all in my head, the problem is I am often disappointing me.

So I may be blogging a little less. And while I might still participate in some carnivals….. I might not too. And, as hard as it is for me to admit, I’m not going to do Things I Love Thursday anymore. I am so conflicted about letting “my baby” go, but I think at the end of the day I will just love this space more without it. And it will free me up to experiment with some other things. Maybe fashion, maybe food, maybe videos. Who knows?! As a woman I retain the right to not remotely make up my mind.

Net out? I want to focus on quality over quantity. I have tried, after a stretch of being really unbalanced, to keep a good balance between sponsored posts and organic content. No one wants to read an infomercial so I will continue to try and make a little “bill paying money” for my family without selling my soul.

While many go to Blissdom to learn how to monetize, learn how to build a better brand and network with companies, I found myself drawn to the writing sessions. I just want to fall in love with writing again. And in doing that, I sincerely hope you all will fall in love with this blog even more.

Somehow in all the years I have been blogging I have never done a survey of my readers. Major blogging fail! So if you would be so kind to tell me a little about you, I would be so very grateful.

I truly appreciate everyone who comes here every day. Your comments on my blog, “likes” on my Facebook page and links on my carnival bring all sorts of joy to my days. So thank you. Truly.

Don’t forget to take the survey. I will post the results next week.


  1. Is it ok if I’m a little sad about this news? :( I totally understand your reasoning, but we’ll miss Things I Love Thursday!
    Sarah @ Loved Like the Church recently posted…My Top Oscar Fashion PicksMy Profile

  2. So brave of you to take a leap like this. I’m sure over the years your readers have grown to love you…not just your posts or carnival. I hope you rediscover what brought you to blogging in the first place as you reflect on what to do next. There is a time and a season for everything and with that change we must evolve. Great to meet you at Blissdom!
    Jessica W recently posted…Why the Words ‘Home Birth’ Make Me CringeMy Profile

  3. This was my first Blissdom and I came away so completely inspired and exhausted all at the same time. And I have come away with so many amazing things, but the most important of these is that I realized that I am already doing so much of what everyone talked about. Being true to my heart, my purpose, and my ideas. Which is not easy and it can get diluted in the comparison to others.

    I just loved how the keynote speaker said “don’t compare your beginning to someone’s middle.”

    As with anything, I believe we change and grow with experience. And it sounds like you are getting back to your bliss. Giving yourself the space to rearrange and follow the passion of writing for content is a great plan!
    Stephanie recently posted…Guest Post ~ Anne’s StoryMy Profile

  4. Good for you! It’s important to do what feels right. Readers can tell when it’s forced and not genuine, and I applaud you for taking the risk and being true to yourself. I’ll def. keep reading :)
    Family Fun Mom recently posted…Oscars? What Oscars??My Profile

  5. I would like to see you do some posts about transforming your family’s diet to whole foods, how tos, educational information, tips, recipes, tutorials, resources :)

  6. I’m much like you, I’ve found myself trying to post sometimes just to get something up. Over the last year, blogging has changed drastically, as has my life.

    I’m feel like I’m at a good place right now, and that means around 2-3 posts a week.

    And from the sound of this post, I love the direction this blog is going…
    designhermomma recently posted…Blissdom, baby!My Profile

  7. Jill, So glad I found your blog. I love stumbling across other W. Michigan bloggers. My response would be too long in sorted to all that you shared above. i pray you work it all out and can come to a happy content place in your blogging.
    Wondering if you ever have gone to the W. Mi bloggers meetings?
    sheila recently posted…Hearty Chicken & Wild Rice SoupMy Profile

  8. Supa dupa proud of you.
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Home Made PuddingMy Profile

  9. Love this, Jill. I REALLY hope next time I’m in GR we can actually finally visit. I will be up there soon I think. Anyway. My goal is so similar- I want to write less posts but publish more quality. Blissdom definitely validated that for me.

    Off to take your survey!

    Adventures In Babywearing recently posted…In my notesMy Profile

  10. Jill, I love someone who can choose to do less in order to actually accomplish more. Falling in love with writing again is a wonderful goal.

    I stumbled upon your blog probably over a year ago, and I’ve enjoyed your insights and humor along the way. Keep up the good work, and thanks for your genuine heart.
    Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint recently posted…Short and Sweet: A Bad WinterMy Profile

  11. I think your absolute BEST posts are when you really write… you WRITE, and I love reading them. I’m definitely okay having them less often, if it means you can pour yourself into writing and sharing that part of you through the screen. It’s why we all came here. My reader will tell me when you’ve got something for me to settle back and read. It’s all good. :)
    Erin G recently posted…Happy Half-Birthday, Dear CharlotteMy Profile

  12. I was in Jeff’s session as well and I felt both relief and panic set in. Relief that it was okay to admit that my blog had gone in a direction I wasn’t loving, that it was starting to feel like a burden at times. Panic when I realized that in order to get back to writing the way I loved, I was going to have to go beyond the surface and stretch myself again. Funny, I thought I was going to Blissdom to learn all kinds of new things to implement in my new niche blog, but instead I found myself drawn to the writing sessions so I could nurture my clunky old blog! So good to see you :)
    Angie @ Just Like The Number recently posted…A Time For RegiftingMy Profile

    • “Funny, I thought I was going to Blissdom to learn all kinds of new things to implement in my new niche blog, but instead I found myself drawn to the writing sessions so I could nurture my clunky old blog!”

      Oh my WORD yes!! You totally nailed it!!!!

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