So Random It Doesn’t Even Have a Title (or a picture)

I am sitting here trying desperately to come up with a post.

But I am tired. And a little weary.

The hubby has been gone a few nights (which I don’t advertise because hello? Crazy stalkers) and my kids are completely a mess from the exhaustion/excitement/insanity of starting up school. I forget how bad the first month is.

I have officially (yet again) overcommitted and am already looking at things to get out of because holy crap I can’t handle my calendar another minute.

And I have no idea how to parent anymore. Do you ever get the sense that you might be messing up one of your children so badly that you should just give up and put them in lifelong therapy now? I mean why wait?

And then tonight I went to a fundraiser about orphans that had me convinced that I must adopt half of the 1.47 million orphans of the world because if I don’t who will? Clearly I am being rational. Wish I could blame hormones.

The thing is in the midst of all of this (which sounds like I am having some sort of breakdown- this is what you get late at night when you are tired and write down your every thought), I still look around daily and think,

My word. I. am. blessed. And as the words of one of my current favorite songs says, “What is there to complain about?”


  1. Me, too. Every single bit of it. Me, too.

  2. Melissa says:

    Go read Sara Short’s post today. We all need a lil’ grace right now, I think. Hugs!

  3. YES YES AND YES! You should read what I wrote last week. I am surprised someone didn’t call the crazy bus and load me up. Seriously, it such an emotional post. ha! Nice to know we are not alone! ;0)

  4. sitting on the emotional roller coaster with you. We’re all in this together. I love you and with all of the parenting mistakes I made–I think God’s grace covered us and gave us one heck of a fantastic daughter and mother of 3 beautiful grandkids.

  5. I honestly think there must have been something in the air last night… exactly. EXACTLY. i didn’t type a thing for today, didn’t have it in me. But I still got to tuck and kiss the heads of my 4 babies. Blessed.

    Jamie (@chosenchaos) recently posted…something to smile about {and a giveaway!}My Profile

  6. I made 2 of my kids cry yesterday. So, um, yeah, I can relate.
    nicole recently posted…A Bad NightMy Profile

  7. I have days like this, too. And when people tell me the same it makes *me* feel better – hopefully it helps you, too. :)
    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins recently posted…My favorite peopleMy Profile

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