Slowing Down the Spinning #UnstoppableMoms

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It is the law of motherhood that if your husband is traveling for work someone will get sick. Now I can handle a sick kid like a champ. But when you sign up for this motherhood gig, they forget to tell you that moms don’t get sick days. Us moms just have to power through it.

For the past few weeks I have been suffering from vertigo. I get it every few years (yay!!) and usually it is pretty mild and I can still go about my day with the occasional “spells”. It does wipe me out by the end of the day for some reason (which would explain the sporadic blogging), but I can get by.

Well. This time I have had a few days of feeling dizzy most of the day. As I so bluntly put it to my physical therapist, “It feels like I’m back in college with the drunk spins, but without all the fun stuff.” (just kidding mom, I don’t know what the drunk spins are, I heard about them…..but not from any of my college friends who were responsible, hard-working students……). It has not been fun to say the least.

Unfortunately, kids still have to get to school, meals still have to be made, school volunteer commitments still need to be fulfilled and the world keeps on spinning (as do I). I don’t have time to be sick. Stopping is not an option.

Speaking of spinning, we are headed into some of the busiest months of the year. Actually it pretty much starts for me in September with back to school. October, we have 5 family birthdays. Then November and December and all the madness that entails. That is a lot of plates to keep spinning in the air.

How does one keep their sanity when life keeps spinning around you (literally and figuratively)?

Being sick this week has made me stop and think about how I can do that better during the holidays. Here are a few tips for you as well.

  1. Say no: Four of my commitments this week were volunteer commitments. I love using my time to serve others. I feel like with 3 kids in school at least part of the time and me not working outside the home, I have a lot to offer. But sometimes I say yes to too many things. GOOD things. So, DEFINITELY say no to the unimportant stuff. But know that sometimes you even have to say no to the good stuff. And that is okay. There will always be another way to give or another place to serve.
  2. Loosen the rules: I really don’t like my kids spending hours in front of the TV and tablets. But when I am not feeling well sometimes it happens and it isn’t the end of the world. We can make up for it with crafts, reading and board games when I am feeling 100% again. Also tonight we went to McDonald’s which is a huge no-no in this house. That places grosses me out so much. But it was the only quick food option near where we were tonight and I just couldn’t figure out how to coordinate dinner. So we did it (well the kids did it, I ate at home at 7:45 pm). The kids won’t die from that either (hopefully). Although I did consider it a minor victory that all three kids declared the food kind of gross and left most of their french fries behind. Perhaps my attempts at getting them to eat “real food” are actually working.
  3. REST: My schedule this week has been planned to the minute (hyperbole) and there is little room for messing around. Today I had an hour and a half set aside to catch up on blog emails and work on this post. Instead I came home and took a nap. My head was killing me, I was literally losing my balance and I just felt retched. The nap totally recharged me, allowed me to tackle the 5 errands that needed to get done after school and now I can write coherently (mostly). Taking time to rest is ESSENTIAL when life is trying to take you out at the knees.


Mamas, we owe it to our families to keep ourselves sane. I don’t want my kids to get my leftovers at the end of the day after I have used up all my energy running around serving others (well and them too, a whole lotta serving them). I want to have a little “fun mom” left at the end of the day. Lately when I tuck in these kids, taking up more and more space on their beds that they once looked so tiny in, I am realizing how fast time is going by. I can’t slow down time. But I can slow down my own pace and savor things a little more.

What makes you unstoppable?

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