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annie So in an attempt to brainwash my girls into thinking that musicals are the greatest things on earth as well as an attempt to put to death all things princesses, I took Lily to her first musical in an actual real live theatre tonight. And, as it should be, her first musical was Annie. Unfortunately it the play got out at 10:30. I shudder to think what condition she is going to in tomorrow when I have to get her up for her last day of VBS followed by a jam packed weekend with her aunt, uncle and cousin in town. *Shudder*

Her giant smile and inability to sleep despite the fact it is past MY bedtime causes me to believe it was totally worth it. And that my mission is near completion. Next stop on the musical train? Mary Poppins. And this time we are choosing a matinee and bringing Hannah along for the ride. I won’t stop until we have tackled the entire Rogers & Hammerstein library.

I had a brilliant post in my head about how during my childhood I auditioned for Annie and didn’t get a part (I am still bitter) which really epitomizes my Hard Knock Life. I thought I would highlight that I still dreamed that Maybe someday I would get to play my dream role, but it never happened. And although I am fairly certain that my time of playing that little redhead has passed, there is always Tomorrow. Surely all the parts can’t go to Little Girls?

But that seemed really cheesy and it is so late (and my son seems to be in the never ending teething phase) so I thought instead I would just leave you with this pearl of wisdom: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.

You’re welcome.


  1. Kayley M says:

    My mom, sister, and I went to see Annie in the spring, and it was so good! I’m glad I got to go (it was a last-minute thing, and I live 3 hours from them), and we were singing the songs for a looooooong time afterwards!

  2. abba12 says:

    I couldn’t stand mary poppins as a kid, hated it. But I did adore the sound of music.

  3. Of course you’re still bitter. Because that part should have been yours! I just know it. (Probably because I know that the parts of the Scarecrow and Ado Annie should have been mine.)

    Also. I love Mary Poppins for more reasons than It’s a Jolly ‘oliday with Mary. But that IS a big reason.
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  4. My daughter is 18 months and I was just thinking the other day about when I could introduce Annie, followed by all of the other musicals. (And High School Musical isn’t one of them…not yet at least)
    So glad your daughter loved it!
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  5. I too auditioned for and was not cast in Annie as a child. Shows what they know….it really does….I can’t act.
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