Sick and Tired

sick.jpgIf you thought I was climbing back on my soapbox with some intelligent thoughts about life, you are wrong. I couldn’t form an intelligent thought through my Nyquil haze if I tried. I have come down with a summer cold. I really hate summer colds cause unlike a winter cold where you enjoy being stuck in bed inside, it was a gorgeous day out today begging me to come out and enjoy.

For thoughtful commentary on life, check out another blog from my blogroll. For those dying for my thoughts on something, I will leave you this…Why does my neighbor have to take the fun out of every July 4th by letting off loud fireworks at 10 pm for weeks before and after the holiday? I blame all un-Christian thoughts in my head right now on the Nyquil.


  1. Sorry you’re sick; hope you recover soon.

    I speak fairly often to women’s groups, and nearly always, I fling in a plug for “stay-at-home” moms!

    Shirley Buxton

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