Shopping With The Kids (But For Me)

I have a little fashion secret. And I realize it won’t be a secret for everyone, but maybe you too can benefit from my cheapskate ways. Ready?

Clothes bought in the kid’s department are way cheaper than clothes for adults.

Now I realize my 5’2”, semi-petite self can get away with such declarations, but with kid’s clothes running bigger in general (I get a kid’s XXL) and kid’s plus sized departments, it might work. I discovered this while shopping for Lily over the summer and am now hooked. Let me show you a few gems I recently bought and a few I have my eye on.

1. Puffer Vest


I found this adorable polka dotted vest at Old Navy last week. And so okay, it is only a $5 difference from the adult one, but the adult ones are all plain and non-polka dotty. Kids sizes win!!

2. Slouchy Tee

dog shirt

Okay so I can’t find an adult comparison (possibly because it is a kid’s shirt with a dog on the front…..), but I ridiculously love this shirt. I actually got one with an owl on it for Lily too. It is perfect over skinny jeans or leggings. Plus the dog. Seriously.

3. Animal Sweater

Sweater Collage

Okay so there is only a $3 difference here but that is because the adult sweater has been marked down from $34. But a fair isle penguin? Come on. That TOTALLY beats a boring old bird.

4. Monogram Shirt

J Shirt Collage

Okay so the kid one is a t-shirt and the women’s one is a sweater so the price comparison isn’t really far. But the kid’s one has GLITTER and I am loving these. And they have a J so duh. Although this ampersand one is really awesome too.

5. Moto Jacket

moto jacket

I had been looking for something exactly like this all fall, but hadn’t found anything that worked. I love that this moto jacket is fleece and casual, more like a blazer. Their offerings for women are either shearling or faux leather and are much more geared towards outerwear. This is my most favorite “kid’s store” score ever.

So what do you think? Would you shop the kid’s department?


  1. i get it. but for the tall girl…with gorilla arms…this doesn’t work for me. alas…my loss. cause i totally would be in!
    lisa @studiojewel recently posted…a note to mother’s with sonsMy Profile

  2. Christina says:

    I often shop in the kids section… even in kids only store (I’m a 14 at childrens place). They have great leggings for super cheap!

  3. Love it – although I’m pretty sure I’m just not sized for kiddo shopping. Maybe 20 pounds ago…
    designhermomma recently posted…A meet and greet with the sharpie behind Lunchbox Buddies (+ giveaway!)My Profile

  4. My girls have the bird sweater. I will not tell them that you think it’s boring. ;) Rock on you petite mama!
    Laurie recently posted…The Church Wants Social Justice BackMy Profile

    • I actually eyed that sweater for a long time. But now I totally want the penguin. Also why are your girls old enough to shop in the adult section? Please make time stop!

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