Saving at the Pump With Shell Fuel Rewards


This year, because Silas started pre-Kindergarten at the girls’ school, I drive back and forth to school 3 times a day. It is about 15 minutes away. I also drive to youth group, soccer practice, drama club, piano lessons, and the myriad of other errands I seem to run all the live long day. I feel like I live in my car (and my car definitely looks like it) and my gas tank is perpetually on empty. I cannot even handle how much gas I am burning through every week. It is ugly.

Listen, if I can save a little on gas I am doing it. And I realize there are apps and websites telling me where the cheapest gas is but honestly? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I just need to get my gas and get on to the next errand.

A while back I signed us up for the Shell Fuel Rewards Program after seeing info about it somewhere or another. It is a ridiculously simple (and free) loyalty program for Shell customers that allows you to use your everyday purchases to lower your gas prices.

You simply sign up for a free Fuel Reward Network card. The shop and dine at your usual grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, Shell stations, Online Mall merchants, and more participating companies to earn Fuel Rewards. You need to link your store loyalty cards and the debit/credit card you use while shopping to your FRN card. Then you can start earning credits to your fuel account.

When you are at the pump, insert your Fuel Reward Network Card and get discounted gallons of gas. Sometimes heavily discounted. And since I’m already buying groceries, dining out and shopping, I’m basically getting paid in gas for things I am doing anyway.

Right now, through Nov. 2, Shell is running a Refer-a-Friend promotion. If you sign up for the Fuel Reward Network using my refer a friend link, I earn a 25¢ off /gal bonus when you uses the program the first time. And YOU earn a 25¢ off/gal bonus after their first fill-up at a participating Shell station. Then you can turn around and refer friends and earn even more. We are both #winning.

I love anything that rewards me for doing what I am already doing so I am grateful for the Shell Fuel Rewards Program making my time at the pump sting a little less.

Disclosure: While I have been a long time member of the Fuel Reward Network, I have partnered with Shell to share about their Refer a Friend promotion. I was provided with a gift card to facilitate this post. 


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