Sharing a Sweet Future With Truvia

One of the things that is important to me within my blog space is to use my voice to promote causes that are important to me. And one of the causes I consistently want to lend my voice to childhood poverty and hunger in this country and abroad. If you search through my “advocacy” archives, you will find that topic again and again.

Recently I was introduced to another company who is giving back and doing their part to combat childhood hunger. In 2012, on World Food Day, Truvia launched Sharing a Sweet Future which is concentrating its efforts in Bolivia. In partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme, they are working to improve communities through better nutrition, safety and education.

Sweet Future

Maybe your first question is that same as mine was. Why Bolivia? Did you know that in Bolivia 80% of the population lives below the poverty line and nearly 40 percent are unable to afford the minimum recommended caloric intake. It completely makes sense for Truvia to partner there because the stevia plant is native to South America and Bolivia is one of the most impoverished countries in South America (let alone the world).

Bolivia 3

Truvia has committed $1 million dollars over three years with four goals in mind:

  1. Reduce Hunger
  2. Improve Nutrition
  3. Encourage Education
  4. Decrease Environmental Impact

Bolivia 2

They are doing this by providing meals for 36,000 school children, establishing safer cooking conditions with clean cook stoves and generating energy savings with decreased consumption of wood for cooking. They have been going to Bolivia since 2012 and are already seeing impressive results. All together they have fed over 49,000 children and their initiatives with clean stoves have helped over 17,000 children.


How can you help?

Or you can use your voice to help decide who Truvia should partner with next. There are so many great organizations out there that Truvia could partner with in 2015, but they have narrowed it down to five Head to the Truvia voting page and cast your vote today (one of my most favorite charities is in the lead).

And of course continue to make Truvia your sweetener of choice since it is a natural, sustainably grown (gluten-free!!) sugar alternative.

Disclosure: Thank you to Truvia and One 2 One Network for sponsoring this post. 


  1. I have one question what is the diferent between Stevia you got from Bolivia have diferent taste change the flavor of your coffe an the Truvia you get on USA it is ok.?

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