seven birthday

Today our dear Hannah turned seven.

Seven is perfectly poised between little girl and tween. I still see so many glimpses of the little girl inside her. She still says a few words wrong (yogret) and has a slight lisp. But she also uses big words, reads chapter books and definitely has mastered that teenage attitude at times.

She is a true middle child. Pretty easy going (unless she is over tired then YOWZA), rolls with the punches, friend to all, and alternates from being a social butterfly or clinging to our side shyly hiding her face. She can also talk your face off. She has nicknamed herself Miss Chatterbox and oy vey does it fit.

What I love about Hannah is that she can always be found humming a song to herself, hovered over a piece of paper with crayons or curled up in bed with a book. She is great at entertaining herself but also is in the beautiful middle child position of always having a playmate above or below her. And if not her siblings, she is always getting called for a play date.

In true middle child fashion she probably gets overlooked from time to time. For her seventh birthday perhaps we should get her an I.O.U. therapy coupon? I think she knows how much she is very loved. Mainly because we are always trying to hug and kiss her despite her extreme aversion to displays of affection.

Hannah. I am so blessed to be your mommy and our whole family catches your contagious joy for life. Keep singing, keep laughing, keep expressing every single thought that comes into that head. You are dearly loved.

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