Send Help. I Surrender.


Y’all. I am not even southern but there is just no other way to start this post than Y’ALL.

Have I blogged about ANYTHING these past few weeks but lamenting the fact that I am stuck in my house with a sick kiddo. (seriously here, here, here). And before that I was stuck in my house potty training. (which is still ongoing btw. Oh my WORD with the #2. but that is a whole post in itself).

I do not enjoy the gym. I do not enjoy exercising. But I do it because I need to. But being trapped inside my house for this long has made me realize what an outlet it is for me to put my kids in childcare for an hour and sweat a little. And I miss it! I finally made it there last Friday and it felt so good to be back. We were getting back to normal.

And then. Y’ALL!! Silas started complaining about his eye yesterday. Saying it hurt. Wailing about it from time to time. Until from time to time because him lying on the couch refusing to open his eye at all. He even fell asleep for a bit. He perked up for a little bit around lunch time and then went down for a long afternoon nap. I was hoping that would be the solution.

He woke up and didn’t open his eyes for the next hour. Finally I called the doctor. Then there was this:

FB update

Sigh. He was his little self from that point on yesterday. Eyes opened. A little red, but nothing major. And as happy as can be. Problem solved. Gym date made for 9 am Monday morning.

Except. Y’ALL.

I was woken up so many times last night I gave up on sleeping. By a little boy who told me over and over “eye urt.” Then in the light of day there was a so. much. puss. And for the brief second he opened them, that eye had gone past pink and was full on red.

Yup my friends. We have pink eye. Expecting the locusts to show up any minute now. On the upside, I regained my mayorship of the pediatrician’s office. Y’all.


  1. ugh, so sorry. I’m home bound too…but at least I get to sniff new baby head when I start to feel stir crazy.
    designhermomma recently posted…Day by Day, Hour by Hour, Child by ChildMy Profile

  2. Girl, that is tough. Pink eye is the bane of my existence. I swear, when my oldest gets it, it lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Maybe you can put a pirate patch on him and take him to the gym so you can get away… they’ll never know.

  3. poor baby Silas, and this southern girl says, bless your heart!
    Lana recently posted…secret recipe chefMy Profile

  4. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been there in the past month too. We’ve had the one-two punch of stomach flu and pink eye floating around our place. I’ve used my weight in clorox wipes all over the house. Hope this passes quickly for your little family!

  5. I have to admit I chuckled a bit but only because I totally understand the “y’all”. Sorry about the pink eye though, it’s a pain (and yucky).
    Amy recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Tax TimeMy Profile

  6. That y’all deserves to be drawn out in several syllables, too. You’ve earned yourself a WHINY Y’ALL – – a rarity, thanks to the whole steel magnolias nature of the true Southern woman.

    Pink eye. I’d never heard of it hurting like that before the outward symptoms were unmistakeable.

    I am sorry for your boy, and for you.

    What’s up with #2? (We are still in poopy-hell here. I just changed a full-up poopy pull-up right after spending no less than 45 minutes of my life sitting on the bathroom floor reading books and promising m&ms for just a LITTLE BIT in the potty.) (Just a LITTLE BIT.) (But NO.)
    Megan (FriedOkra) recently posted…RightnessMy Profile

    • ok THAT. Exactly what is happening over here. The only solution I have found that works is not letting him wear anything on bottom so he has nothing to go in. But I can tell he is TOTALLY freaked out. And we had another accident today when I wasn’t paying attention. Blerg.

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