Scandalous Sixties

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My kids are a little sheltered. They are young so I have no problem with that fact. As they get older that will not be the case so I am holding onto little shreds of innocence as long as I can.

In our house “swear words” are stupid, dumb and fart. Often described by my kids as the s-word, the d-word and the f-word, I get a little nervous when we are out in public and one of them exclaims loudly, “Mom, Hannah just said the f-word!!!” Good times.

In that vein we also try not to listen to radio that has questionable lyrics. Often times this completely rules out listening to much more than Veggie Tales CDs, but occasionally I will throw caution to the wind and turn on the regular radio and see what happens. With Katy Perry ruling the airwaves it is a risky proposition.

So when the epitome of high class music “I’m Sexy and I Know It” came on I did a quick change of the station. Lily, being a wise 3rd (ack soon to be 4th) grader said she knew that song because kids sing it sometimes at school even though it is VERY inappropriate (inappropriate is a favorite word of hers).

Hannah, not to be out down proclaimed that one of her little friends sings that song a lot and began to sing the lyrics.

“I’m sixty and I know it!!!”

Then she got very solemn and serious and pronounced it to be a naughty song. Later in the week Hannah caught my mom giggling to herself and saying, “I’m sixty and I know it”. Hannah gasped and said, “COCO!!! That is a BAD word.” My mom, being quick on her feet, changed her age to reflect the correct number (sixty- something).

Hannah sighed a sigh of relief. Crisis averted. Who knew celebrating the big Six-O was so scandalous??!!!!

What lyrics do your kids sing wrong?


  1. when i was eleven, the Thong Song was popular. I couldn’t understand why it made grownups upset when the kids at school sang it (the only time i ever heard modern secular music). See, I thought it was about flip-flop shoes :D

  2. abba12 says:

    I think every generation has one of ‘those’ songs. It’s fun because it gets such a reaction from parents, and the kids usually haven’t got a clue why. During time periods where there were no ‘bad’ songs I remember other songs floating around the schoolyard with modified lyrics to make them bad too. The charming bloodhound gang song, ‘bad touch’ was very big at one point, LOL!. Even clapping games were made dirty, we learnt not to repeat them at home though lol.

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog through another favorite blog’s blogroll. I am SO glad! Sixty is indeed a scandalous age! Especially to a 9 year old.

    My kids and I love Francesca Battistelli. She has a song on her newest CD that my kidlets and I love called “This Is The Stuff”. But my littlest mucks up the words something fierce! One line in the song should be “45 in a 35.” She can’t seem to crack the “th” sound yet, so it comes out “45 in a turd-y five”. Oh dear…

  4. SHerry Lindberg says:

    Our 5 year old grandson likes to sing “The Iowa Tiger” – The Eye of the

  5. That is a great story! My daughter still sings urchin instead of Virgin for the song Silent Night. She doesn’t know what either word means. And I find it to funny to correct her yet.
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  6. My 4 yo has a song that she sang at preschool before meal time. At the end, they sing “amen, amen” {with a long a, so ah-ah-men, ah-ah-men}. However, she says “all the men”. My 2 yo learned the same song, but sings it correctly, yet every time we sing the song before meals, my oldest always tells my middle “No, it’s not ah-ah-men, it’s all-the-men!”. Cracks me up!
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  7. All of them.

    Libbie is completely convinced that “Under the Sea” is “I’m Not a Seed.” We cannot seem to show her the light on that one. She’s also trying to sing “Part of Your World.” I think I would have to take a video to fully get the effect of her making up words where she doesn’t know them. It’s adorable. (Obviously, we are in a Little Mermaid season.)
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  8. I am a constant offender of not knowing lyrics. Thank goodness for Google so I can correct myself before I sing the wrong lyrics in front of others.

    However, sixty and I know it is a fantastic slip-up!

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