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s  Lily is truly loving every second of Kindergarten this year. After agonizing over the decision of whether to send her, it is so cool to see her thriving and hear her teacher assure us of how well things are going at her conferences. I can literally threaten Lily with forcing her to miss school if she misbehaves. I will take it as long as I can.

Along with Kindergarten comes “homework.” Lily loves to do it and it is so fun to do little science experiments and letter projects with her. And the benefit of her being a reader is that sometimes I can just give her her homework sheet and she can take care of it herself. While I play on the internet…I mean clean.

Anyway, in Kindergarten, her teacher uses “letter people” to teach kids about the letters. They also do Zoophonics so the really, really know their letters. But the letter people are what Lily loves because they have actual stuffed little people they use and on Friday they get to watch a cartoon video about them. And as part of her homework, every Thursday she has to bring something in for letter show and tell. This is always fun to see what she comes up with and sometimes (stupid letter Z) we have quite the time coming up with something.

This week, their letter was S. Finally an easy letter and for some reason, Lily is drawing a blank. So I am encouraging her to look around the house (which typically consists of her standing in one place saying, “I don’t see anything” much like when she is looking for shoes as we are 10 minutes late to something). So I give her some clues and tell her to look around the nativity.

So much of my days, weeks and frankly life is spent wondering if I am doing anything right in these children’s lives. Many a day it just feels like I am banging my head against the wall. But then you get a glimpse and God gives you this gift of a moment when you discover something is going right. As I point Lily over to the nativity, thinking she will pick up the shepherd, she comes running back with baby Jesus. Confused I tell her that Jesus starts with J. She looks at me with the most angelic face and says:

“No mommy, S is for Savior.”


  1. Wow, that’s a great story! Congrats on such an awesome little girl!

    Kathys last blog post..Crappppp!

  2. That’s what it’s all about!

    We are THAT familys last blog post..It’s Time to Share Your Tree

  3. Wow! I have chills!

    bees last blog post..Just Something You May Need To Read, Too.

  4. Aww, that’s so cute! Love it!

    Stephanies last blog post..Good News!

  5. Just beautiful!

  6. Oh,so precious. Those are the moments you want to remember forever. Ethan does Letter People at school too- but they’re still on Mr. I. I love the little books he brings home to read!

    Esthers last blog post..This Week’s Top Posts

  7. I love it!

    Tracyes last blog post..Wordless Wednesday-Cullen’s Birthday Cake

  8. Sarah @ Short Stop says:

    One of the most precious stories I’ve ever heard! It is just amazing to see them getting it, isn’t it? And, I think AC does an AWESOME job – even for preschool.

    What a sweetie.

    Glad I’m not the only one with a bruised forehead.

    Sarah @ Short Stops last blog post..Christmas Cookie #14: Chocolate Star-Shaped Fudge

  9. God always knows when you need this kind of encouragement. What a wonderful story.

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..It’s official…

  10. I love that! I’m glad to hear that Kindergarten is going well :).

    Candace (Mama Mia)s last blog post..We’ve gone from zero to three on one year!

  11. That’s really sweet!

  12. That took my breath away.

    That is what it’s all about!

  13. Lovin’ it.

  14. Courtney says:

    See?!? That’s what I’m talking about!!! I am so proud!!

  15. Aw!!! How sweet! That’s awesome!

    Kristas last blog post..A Train Ride

  16. oh amanda says:

    I actually said, “Awww!” outloud! You *are* being a good mama! WTG!

  17. This is precious. I just teared up.

  18. I had to read this post to my husband because it was just that good!

  19. Oh my goodness. That is just the sweetest thing ever.

    debbies last blog post..The sage will now take your questions


  21. I am new to your blog. I love that! I am raising my three sons (I saw that you wanted to have 3 sons too) to love Jesus too. That Rocks!!

    Beths last blog post..There’s a Car in the Toilet

  22. My breath caught in my throat and I got all choked up. Wow.

  23. Oh my goodness. What a proud and happy moment for a Mama! Thanks for directing me to such a sweet story. I loved it!

    Megan (FriedOkra)s last blog post..I Resolve to Do a Better Job Keepin’ Up With What Day It Is.

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