Road Tripping Distraction Free

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AT&T. It is a cause I have long supported without compensation and all opinions are mine.

Today we took a family road trip 8 hours and across four states to come back to my home town for my *cough, cough* 20 year high school reunion. There is a whole lot of crazy going on in that sentence.

Three kids on a long road trip is challenging even under the best circumstances. My kids are road warriors and really do amazing on road trips, but there is still a lot of stuff going on in the back seat at any given time. Throwing granola bars (for some odd reason), “are we there yets”, “She’s looking at me”, “Can you reach my book for me?” “ARE WE THERE YET????”

It is a challenge to keep your focus on the road where it belongs. Sometimes it is a downright miracle.

I am making a lot of progress in my commitment to stop looking at my phone when I am on the road. Whether it is a quick text or even checking my email while at a stop light, I know distracted driving will catch up with me one day if I continue.

Next month I hope to share a story from someone near and dear to our family about the effects of distracted driving, but today I want to share with you Chandler’s powerful story. It is short, but extremely impactful. And what strikes me the most is that it doesn’t matter how important that text you are sending seems at the time. Nothing is worth this. Nothing.


If you want to get involved in this amazing movement to stop texting and driving, you can take the pledge at It Can Wait. Also don’t forget to download the app so that you can alert your friends and family that your text can wait until you are safe. Finally if you are the tweeting type, add this twibbon to your avatar so that you can show your support to the Twitterverse.

How are you doing with committing to not text and drive?

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