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Way back when I started blogging in 2006 (seriously the ancient days of blogging), I participated in a very popular weekly link up called Works For Me Wednesday. At the time it was hosted at Rocks in My Dryer (which is sadly no more). Shannon always posted her link up around the same time and so on Tuesday nights I would stay up late hitting refresh over and over trying to be the first person on the link up (because that usually meant more blog traffic). Clearly I had a very exciting life.

After awhile, it became clear. Weekly, it was going to be a battle between me and Kristen from We Are That Family to get that first spot. Even though she was my “competition” (lol, as if), I quickly fell in love with her writing and her stories about her family and have been a fan of hers ever since.

One year at Blissdom, a slightly uncomfortable and introverted Kristen walked into her first Blissdom blog conference. I recognized her immediately and my loud, extroverted self invited her over to my table, most likely completely freaking her out. We hung out a bit and she was as lovely in person as she is on her blog.

It was at that Blissdom that Shannon asked Kristen to take over Works For Me Wednesday.

I often think of that moment and how Kristen’s already well read blog grew so much from hosting that link up. Instead of blogger jealousy, I totally felt like the hand of God was at work and big things were coming. Little did I know that God was going to completely turn Kristen’s world upside down and that her blog audience was going to get a front row seat. It is so awesome to look back and see His hand putting things in place for Kristen to be able to share her story with a bigger and bigger audience.

Well that audience just got even bigger. Today Kristen releases her first book, Rhinestone Jesus. I am so honored to be one of the people who got to read an early copy of this book. I rarely accept book reviews, because I just stink at getting books read in time. But being such a long time fan of Kristen the blogger, I knew I would be a big fan of Kristen the author.

You guys. YOU GUYS. This is a powerful read. The story of Kristen’s growth from a safe faith to one where she says yes to God in ways that terrify her was so inspiring. Kristen traveled to Africa with Compassion in 2010 and was broken by God. No longer was her middle class life chasing middle class dreams satisfying for her. She came back wanting to do something with what she saw and in 2011 she and her family founded Mercy House, a home for pregnant girls in Kenya.

Here is how Kristen describes Rhinestone Jesus.

I still haven’t completely processed through this book and honestly it will probably need another read. And then maybe another. I too am growing more and more unsatisfied with the American dream and safe and comfortable Christianity. Foster care was part of me struggling through what that means, but now that we seem to be done for a while, I am trying to figure out what is next. The glorious thing is that I don’t have to know. I just have to say yes when He calls.

I have a copy of Rhinestone Jesus to giveaway today. Simply tell me why you want to read the book in the comments and you will be entered to win!

You can find Rhinestone Jesus at your local bookstore or on Amazon. (affiliate link)



  1. Krysty Bower says:

    I have just recently started following Kristen on IG. But many other inspiring Jesus- followers have been raving about her book for about a month!!! Killing me here that I have to wait for actual release date! ;) I will buy the book for myself today, but I have a dear friend who has said “Yes” in her mess that I want to give the book to. She is actually said “Yes” when asked to share her story with a group of women this July!! Which immediately made me think of Rhinestone Jesus. Love hearing your connection with her, Jill! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shelley says:

    This book is on my Goodreads list as one I have to read! I’d love to read it now rather than wait for my hold at the library. :)

  3. DeLinn says:

    I remember you posting about this, I think on FB, a little while ago. I was VERY intrigued but the title. This has been a very challenging year for me, questioning so many things I’ve ‘thought’ I wanted or wanted to do. I’d love another spark of inspiration and push in the right direction. Sounds like this might be the perfect read for where I am in this season. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  4. Chris says:

    Just finished Jen Hatmaker’s 7…would love another book to continue shaking up my comfortable world.

  5. Mary B says:

    I’ve read Kristen’s blog for quite some time. I’d love to read more of how her world was shoken up. Because I’m resisting the changes I need to make in mine :/

  6. Kelly says:

    It would be great for me to read anything that makes me uncomfortable and shakes me out of complacency! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Mandi says:

    I’m hearing good things about this – would love to read it!!

  8. Christie says:

    Been reading Kristin’s blog for 5-6 years. Probably about when wfmw switched there. Funds are tight right now as we just purchased a home last week. Was waiting to get the book at my library, but would love to have my own to read as share with friends.

  9. Well, before your review I never heard of the book or Kristin. I’m excited to learn more about both. I have a strong passion for making disciples and learning more for myself.
    Yolanda McLean recently posted…Two are Better Than OneMy Profile

  10. I totally love Kristen. I am kind of sad I didn’t sign up to be on this launch team because I really do want to read this ASAP. I too am fed up with just living … I think as Christians we are moving in a period of unrest with being comfortable. And that is a GREAT thing. It’s exciting but nerve-wrecking!

    Anyway, I would love to read this and definitely plan to whether I win it here or not.
    Jessie Weaver recently posted…#SIMPLEgiving: Because Giving Really Can Be SimpleMy Profile

  11. Christa Z. says:

    Totally would love to win this book! I love Kristen’s blog and we actually started sponsoring a Compassion child because of her posts. Saying “yes” IN my mess is the perfect message for me right now, esp. as I approach my 40th birthday this year and have been thinking a lot more about being very purposeful with my time and choices. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :-)

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