Reorganization Gone Awry

  Our playroom typically looks like someone came down here and threw every toy we own up in the air and where they fell is where they are. In my head I know that my kids should pick up after themselves, but there was never any clear idea of where things should go. Since we moved in 3 years ago, I have tried many different shelving and cubby systems hoping one would magically inspire my kids to clean or that a fairy would wave her wand and everything would find its place ala Mary Poppins. I even tried singing with a British accent.

So last week, I determined that the key was shelling out a bit of cash for some shelves that actually corralled our toys and most importantly, looked good. Cause the hubby was suggesting clear plastic bins. I audibly gasped in horror. Not because I have anything inherently against plastic, but our playroom is also our family room and the only room with a TV. And someday I might want to host a Grey’s Anatomy viewing party or something and don’t want to stare at ugly plastic. We want to at least pretend we have some class.

So I went over to Target and got some cute cubes and even cuter little fabric cubbies (except the shelves are dark brown, but I can’t find a link for that). I spent FOUR HOURS assembling them myself. I used a hammer and power drills people. Without any help from anyone possessing a penis (Can I say that on a Christian blog? God made em). I am clearly proud of myself.

I got them all set up and put into place and…..hated the way they looked with my TV stand. Poop. So I did what any responsible steward of God’s money does. I went onto Target’s website looking for a TV stand to match my shelves. I found stuff…for $200. No good. Headed over to Craigslist. Nothin’. Casually said to hubby, “Crap, I can’t stand the way these look with our TV stand. I wish we had a flat screen we could just hang on the wall.”

Well you can only imagine what happens when you jokingly throw out the idea of a high definition flat screen TV to a hockey obsessed hubby 16 days before the start of the season. Faster than you can say zamboni he was on Consumer Report’s website looking for the best deal.

Now, I need to be clear that we don’t make spontaneous buying decisions. We do tons of research, think a lot, discuss a lot, plan a lot, coupon a lot, etc. And flashy flat screen TVs aren’t necessarily our style. But did I mention the hockey? And the obsession?

So, long story short, I am sitting here, typing, watching some high definition TV. And my playroom…it is still a mess. Cause mounting a flat screen TV is hard. And I am still tired from all the power drilling. But at least the Polly Pockets are in a bin. And most of the Barbies are clothed. And I filled a garbage bag with misc. Happy Meal toys and pieces that have no home. So the pile is slowly but surely shrinking. Still waiting for that fairy…


  1. Ahhhh, don’t say the word playroom! It will send me into cardiac arrest, I swear. Mine has been in desperate need of organizing for a long, long time now.

  2. Ha! I love it! Glad you’re both happy, and hope your playroom stays organized (ha ha, I know, fat chance of that, at least if it’s anything like our playroom! but at least there’s a place to put everything when you do decide to clean up!)

    Junglewifes last blog post..Excitement at the market

  3. We used those cubes under Wog’s changing table (and now Bug’s). We almost bought the blue wall fixtures to put Wog’s cubicles in, but at last minute bought stacking crates instead. The plan is to mount them on the wall. Of course, now they are still sitting in his room. :-)

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha! You said “penis”! And “Power drilling”!!
    I love being the Butthead to your Beavis.

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Weekly Winners August 31- September 6

  5. LOL, that is my hubby’s exact wish and dream come true! Just last night he said “You know with those vacation days you are cashing out, we should look at a new TV…”

  6. Thanks for the link for those Target bins! Cute!! Still waiting for the preview….

    Jackies last blog post..Slip Sliding Away…

  7. You can say “penis” on a Christian blog as long as said “penis” was not doing anything. =) Sorry…I’m a Christian saying such things on a Christian blog…is that allowed? In not, feel free to moderate. =)

    Kayes last blog post..Cheap Living for Broke College Students – Part 1

  8. So glad it worked out! I love when everything comes together…it’s so rare!

  9. Wow you could possibly be my Michigan twin. We have the same cubbies in white and different colored baskets for each kid. Plus I use them everywhere else in my house. Aren’t they awesome!!! Just another reason to love Target. My husband would have done the exact same thing. Rushed out and bought a TV but I would have to research it first. :-)

    Hotomoms last blog post..Stroller Derby

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhh the dreaded Happy Meal Toys….the only ones I’m not allowed to throw away are the Star Wars ones currently being sold. Other than that, those babies are free game to meet their maker in the trash can!

    Katis last blog post..Wee Sing Train

  11. Love the cubes and the fabric cubbies!

    If that fairy ever shows up, when she’s finished, have her fly on over here. I have a long list waiting for her!

    Valeries last blog post..When God Ponders

  12. Jen@BigBinder says:

    I am still hung up on the fact that you assembled them ally by yourself. Had it been me, my blog post would have been:

    “I have been working for 3 days to assemble some new shelves. I am about 1/3 of the way through; more later” and ended right there.

    I am terribly impressed with you and your skills.

  13. Well now I am totally excited for yoU!!!!! I am in the process of organizing/redecorating my office/hubby’s office. It is just absolutly thrilling to have things have a place. I organized my daughters room last month. You know it really does make a huge difference when toys/books/ misc has a home….it make it easier for them to know where to put things. Good for you!!! Why don’t you post a picture of your “new” room with the cool TV? :)

    Heathers last blog post.."my ankles are making my stomach hurt."

  14. i have that cube as a bookshelf (in chloe’s room) and use the fabric bins for toys and it works great. and when you redecorate it’s easy to just buy new colors. hope you got it on sale b/c i’ve seen them on sale quite often. the bins too. now if i could just get that flatscreen! :-)

    karens last blog post..Tuesdays Top Ten: HELP!!!

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