I had planned on publishing this post tonight before the Boston tragedy unfolded. As I have to fight my desire to be consumed by social media to get every detail, I think this post is even more applicable. Prayers are with Boston tonight.


Hearing Susan Cain speak at Blissdom this year was an unexpected highlight (note to self: you still haven’t bought her book, Quiet. get one that). Although the majority of her talk dealt with the power of introverts (which I am most certainly not), I really connected to her statements on being quiet.

As an extrovert who loves being around people, quiet is not often something I crave (although as a mom, I could definitely stand a little more). But quiet is something my soul needs.

The problem with social media is that it is always on. There is always someone with something to say. Always another opportunity to get more followers, more clicks on your blog, more retweets, more likes. It can make a person who hates to miss the party, a little bit crazy.

But the noise is deafening and constant, and frankly just that. Noise. Noise that is in my head, on my screen, on my phone. Noise that never, ever stops.

And I need the noise to stop. I need the quiet.

When my friend Amanda wrote this post, I thought, yes. THIS. My soul NEEDS this.

So on Sunday I unplugged. Well most of Sunday. I woke up and immediately reached for my tablet (I know, I KNOW). And checked all my notifications before I remembered. Oops.

The first few hours I felt twitchy. Sad but true. But then after that I felt liberated. Free of the notifications, free of the pressure, free of the noise.


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