Questions of Eternal Significance

This weekend is the weekend Ryan lives for all year long. Because this weekend is the weekend that marks the unofficial beginning of hockey season. You might be asking, “Geez, didn’t hockey just end a few months ago?” And you would be asking that right along with me. #LongestSeasonEver

Every year, Ryan heads up to Traverse City to watch the training camp for the Detroit Red Wings. And this year, he brought the whole family along for one of the practice/ scrimmage days. Fun was had by all. Well by most. Well it was mostly fun.

Anywho- the night before we stayed in a hotel and to add to the “good times had by all-ness” of it all my monthly friend arrived early. This seems to be its thing lately and it seems to happen anytime I pack a suitcase free of all feminine products. It is like the gift that keeps on giving.

So as we are all tucked into bed at the ripe old hour for 8:30 (yay for sleeping in hotels with kids!!), I sent Ryan out for some feminine products to the nearest gas station/ drug store. Why Ryan? Because I was already in my pajamas and he might have been a little scared of my mood swings.

He came back with this treasure trove and I immediately posted to Facebook to show what an awesome husband he is:


why yes, I do post pictures of my tampons on Facebook

The hubby arrived with the goods PLUS wine, chocolate and Doritos. And he earned himself one of the mini bottles of wine and a few squares of chocolate. I am a giver. And he is clearly hubby of the year.

But on Facebook and Instagram people were far more focused on the fact that he bought me generic tampons. Which I found so odd. I could care less what brand of tampons I get. I have tried them all and never noticed a single difference. Toilet paper? Only name brand will do. Tampons? I guess I just throw caution to the wind.

So inquiring minds must know. Do you buy generic feminine products? If not, what else do you insist on buying name brand?


  1. I will buy cheaper brands but not store brands. And I buy a lot of stuff in the store brand. Just not this. I’m picky about this particular purchase.

    Also? Nice title. Definitely made me click over because I just knew we couldn’t really be debating eternal significance on a Sunday night. ;)
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Weekend Links, 9.14.13My Profile

  2. Ha! I noticed that in the comments too. I figure if you don’t care, I don’t care. Personally, I have trouble with tampons, which pretty much sucks, so I’ve always been an Always gal. That said, postpartum I just don’t care – anything just feels like a giant diaper! And with that, my prudish sensibilities are getting jittery that I have shared too much!!
    Rakhi recently posted…A Day Under the MantleMy Profile

  3. Could not wait to read what was so pressing!

    On this, I buy name brand. On toilet paper, I buy name brand. On coffee, I buy good coffee and my husband (groan) insists on cheap coffee.

    Just about everything else I can throw caution to the wind.

    Well, except for peanut butter. Peanut butter is sacred.
    Denise at Life With Four Boys Coffee Please recently posted…Why I BlogMy Profile

  4. You know, I don’t even think I see generic tampons as an option at Target! I would definitely get them if I saw them … I am a big fan of private label, as long as it doesn’t have any measurable/noticeable difference. Probably why I love Trader Joe’s.

  5. I love your title! Like Mary, I assumed that this wasn’t actually a question of eternal significance (well, the spiritual kind!) and am so glad I clicked over! I am a name brand girl all the way when it comes to things in this category. Baby wipes and dipes? Give me Target brand and I’m happy to save 50%!
    Jen @ Creating Chaos Blog recently posted…It’s a… Part Two (No, Not Twins)My Profile

  6. I didn’t judge on fb but I will here. Must have plastic applicator. That can’t be disputed. You can’t argue with me that cardboard works just the same. ‘Cause it just doesn’t, lady!

    And well done, Ryan. We used to send my dad (local HS football coach) to the grocery store just for feminine products. He never batted an eye as the cashiers rung ’em all up. Did I mention we have five girls and one mom in our family?

  7. remind me to tell you a story about brother Gary that he shared with us this past week–about men buying stuff!!!

  8. Ryan is so awesome!! He needs to give seminars on how to be a great husband! I say no to generic tampons. Sometimes, you just need to pay a few extra cents to get something you can depend on!
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  9. Only playtex for me… I apparently have overly sensitive lady bits that can tell this difference between brands :)
    ememby recently posted…Second verse, same as the firstMy Profile

  10. I have had so few cycles in the last five years I’m really not sure, but when I do buy products now I buy Seventh Generation or Natracare, ones without chlorine. I used to be pretty brand-loyal to Always.
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