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With a seven and four year old girl in the house you know we have some mini- princesses. Before I had girls I SWORE I would not do the princess thing, but then they are born with his princess gene and it seems unavoidable. So we simply keep it at a toned down level and still do the princess thing from time to time.

So when I heard that Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes was coming to down we initially passed on it. I knew my girls would like it, but we try to pick and chose “special” things so they remain just that, special. But then I saw my friend Stacey was doing a giveaway on her blog for tickets and so I entered. And WON!! I barely ever enter blog contests so obviously that means rarely win. So I was excited to be able to surprise my girls.

We didn’t tell the girls what we were doing but just that we had a surprise night planned for them. Poor Silas was stuck at home with an ear infection, but he had grandparents to love and spoil him so I think he made out just fine.

They were a little disappointed they were the only two girls in the whole place not dressed up in princess costumes (including some adults……), but once they got over that there were lots of squeal of delight. I mean Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and a few lesser princesses were all there. Seriously, is Mulan a princess? I guess I don’t know that story well, but it doesn’t seem princess-y to me. But I am excited that Lily told me she was her favorite princess cause she seems kick butt to me.

It was a really fun evening for all. We avoided the crazy overpriced merchandise (seriously, that is a racket) which was a score. We did not however avoid sitting next to two grown women who attended without kids and sang along to “Part of Your World”……loudly….. All in all, it was a pretty fantastic night. And seeing your little girl’s eyes light up when they see their favorite princesses? Well that is a finer thing.

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  1. nicolerenae says:

    G and I are going tomorrow afternoon! We’re both looking forward to it, and she does plan to dress like Snow White. She is not overboard on the princess thing either, but I know she’ll love it! Thanks for giving us your take on it!

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