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I have mentioned several times that my favorite time of day is my kid’s bedtime. Not just because my kids going bed, although some days that is cause for celebration. It is because at bedtime, I get a little window into their souls.

Part of my bedtime routine with the girls has always been prayer time. But last year Lily started to want to do her prayers more privately. At times I pushed her to do it because I think prayer is important but I also wanted to respect her desires. As long as she is praying at night I don’t need to oversee it.

So she suggested a new bedtime routine based on something they do at school. Starting back at the beginning of the school year we started our nightly “Pow Wow”.

Here are the rules of the “Pow Wow.”: You get one pow. But you get as many wows as you want. A pow is something that you are bummed about. A wow is something you are excited about. And both are an amazing window into my daughter’s life.

Oh and the other rule is that I have to participate to. So it gives me a chance to giver her a window into my life, my values, my (appropriate to share) struggles.. And it leads the way to deeper more important conversations.

I recognize eight isn’t a teenager. But I also recognize that time is moving so quickly. And every moment I get to be let in her life is a gift that I don’t take lately. And when her “wow” is that she has the best mom in the world? Well I can’t think of anything that “works for me” more than that.

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  1. Sounds like a good way to end the day. :)

  2. I love this! I think it could also be done around the dinner table. What a great idea.
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  3. We have done “hi-low” for about a year with my kids at the dinner table. They love it! My 3yo didn’t get it right away, and constantly said that his low was dinner… at least I hope he said that because he didn’t get it :)

    Great idea!

  4. I love that idea!! We have sometimes talked about “the best thing and the worst thing that happened today,” but my son for some reason resists superlatives, saying it’s “not fair” to label something the very best or worst. Maybe pows and wows will appeal more to him.
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  5. It’s “roses and thorns” here! :)

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